the me and mine project {july}

Rich is loving
* that Game of Thrones is back.
* Everly's graduation. 
* buying a new bike.
* visiting friends and family "up north" for a couple of days.
* seeing the kids ride their new bikes. 

Lucy is loving
* my lovely "little sis" get married. 
* watching The Handmaids Tale.
* seeing Everly graduate from preschool. 
* being able to host so many friends and family this month. 
* that we got tickets to see The Killers. 

Dylan is loving
* performing arts day at school. 
* riding his new bike. 
* having Uncle Matt and Auntie Tiff back for a visit.
* his finally finished bedroom. 
* being on school holidays. 

Everly is loving
* her special graduation day. 
* eating "twisty breadsticks" (cheese straws).
* her work-in-progress room makeover.
* her new bike, that she's named Daisy.
* talking about when she goes to big school. 

Quinn is loving
* having her big brother and sister home from school. 
* eating strawberries and apples and peas.
* taking her own nappy off (even when she's not supposed to!)
* summer holiday lay ins. 
* dancing to the live wedding band (the same that we had at our wedding).


the siblings project {july}

I'm not sure where the last month has gone, but it's definitely run away from me a bit. It doesn't seem that long ago that I posted my last post for The Siblings Project, and here I am again. The past month has been all about fun in the sun; and my little band of adventurers are definitely happiest outside, and together, and it without a doubt brings them closer together... so I absolutely can not wait for the school holidays to finally start. Six weeks of together time and exploring and playing and fun. And probably arguing and annoying one another too, but that's all part of the sibling experience I'd say.

Mostly I'm looking forward to a slowed down pace of life. I won't miss the morning hustle to get out of the door for school. And I can't wait for things to just feel a little less rushed. Like taking photos... at the last minute... when you realise you've run out of days in the week and hours in the day, and you still haven't had a chance to grab those photos you need for a post... and the kids are already in their jimjams... yeah, I am looking forward to just having a bit more time that is all ours.

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