the me and mine project {july}

Rich is loving
* that Game of Thrones is back.
* Everly's graduation. 
* buying a new bike.
* visiting friends and family "up north" for a couple of days.
* seeing the kids ride their new bikes. 

Lucy is loving
* my lovely "little sis" get married. 
* watching The Handmaids Tale.
* seeing Everly graduate from preschool. 
* being able to host so many friends and family this month. 
* that we got tickets to see The Killers. 

Dylan is loving
* performing arts day at school. 
* riding his new bike. 
* having Uncle Matt and Auntie Tiff back for a visit.
* his finally finished bedroom. 
* being on school holidays. 

Everly is loving
* her special graduation day. 
* eating "twisty breadsticks" (cheese straws).
* her work-in-progress room makeover.
* her new bike, that she's named Daisy.
* talking about when she goes to big school. 

Quinn is loving
* having her big brother and sister home from school. 
* eating strawberries and apples and peas.
* taking her own nappy off (even when she's not supposed to!)
* summer holiday lay ins. 
* dancing to the live wedding band (the same that we had at our wedding).

Oh good grief, utter queen of the last minute this month. Our July has been, in a word, bonkers. Our feet have barely touched the ground between lots of different visitors, various days out, a wedding and a graduation its been a pretty jam packed one. And one where we just seemingly forgot entirely to take photos. I had very good intentions of getting some lovely wedding ones, when we were all dressed up, but I failed miserably on that count. I did get some lovely ones from Everly's preschool graduation, but I'll share those a little later in the week, so I wanted to save them. So instead you get these last minute ones taken at the end of a manic weekend, and a busy day of fun in Cambridge... I can't take my eyes off the fact that Quinn has suddenly learnt the "on-demand-smile" and she looks like a character from Wallace and Gromit (she also shouts "peas" when she does it... no normal old "cheese" for this pea loving girl!)

While there is a part of me which is disappointed I did capture that picture perfect dressed up photograph, I actually love these relaxed ones at home with the imperfect lighting and the slightly bedraggled children... because just look how happy we all look. I do so love this little gang of mine with their family trait cheesy grins. 

I can't wait to see what you all have to share this month, and make sure you pop by my cohosts (Alex, Charlotte, Fritha, Jenny, Katie and Lucy) to see what they've been up to this month too.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Oh Lucy I love these so beautiful. The lighting, the smiles full of happiness in your beautiful new space. I spy the mirror up too! Hooray! I bet it looks amazing in there with it. You guys are all so photogenic I love it. OH graduation day and all new adventures coming ahead for us all. I say it each time but look at quinn's beautiful hair coming in. She is growing up so fast. I think you can definitely tell they are all siblings. The perfect mix of you and Rich. Oh I love summer for hosting. Yall will have to pop up and stay over for a bbq at ours in our new back garden!!!!! Hope to see you all again soon! Thanks for hosting this lovely linky.

  2. Love Quinn's smile, I get this from Holly too! The last minute photos can end up being some of the best ones and always with a story behind them x

  3. Cheesy grins are the best! I keep getting scowl faces from Kitty because she's trying to show off that her front teeth are growing in - it's too funny trying to get her to smile properly!!

  4. Everyone has been raving about the Handmaid's Tale, but I missed it on iplayer, I must watch it somehow! Oh and Alice is also in the nappy removing stage, pull ups are our best defence!

  5. Sounds like a super busy month! I love the relaxed pictures at home too. Lovely to see you so happy x

  6. Ours were super last minute this month and ended up being a bit crap! Yours are lovely x

  7. I love these photos Lucy, so happy and relaxed. I haven't linked up for ages, hoping to try and get back in the swing of it after a wobbly start to the year. x

  8. Love Quinn's "peasy" grin and the lovely relaxed happy photos of you all this month. It certainly sounds like it has been a very busy one! Thanks for hosting the #meandmineproject :-)

  9. Oh Quinn's face in these photos is just so much cuteness!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful August and yes to Game Of Thrones being back on! xx

  10. These cheesy grin ordinary moments are really the ones we live most of our lives in, so makes sense to photograph them as well! You look all very happy here :) Thanks for hosting!

  11. Lovely relaxed family pics. Quinn's 'peas' face is brilliant!

  12. Last minute or not they look lovely. I think busy months are great - so much jammed in and so many lovely memories created! x #meandmineproject

  13. You all look really happy especially in the middle photo. Proper last minute photos for us too this month but I think as long as you capture the moment it doesn't matter :)

  14. I'm loving that Game of Thrones is back too, it's been an amazing season so far! Our photos were rather last minute too, but they definitely capture the month perfectly haha xx

  15. Quinn's smile is just fantastic! Such happy photos, they really capture you all so well. Last minute or not, they're lovely!

  16. I love these pictures - I think the last minute ones at home are the best sometimes! Quinn's 'peas' face is brilliant! #MeAndMineProject


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