the me + mine project {september 2018}

Rich is loving
* watching Jack Ryan on Prime.
* Christmas chocolate in the shops.
* eating Wahaca taco kits.
* making Wylder laugh.
* the League of Gentleman live show in Hammersmith.

Lucy is loving
* having one-to-one time with Wylder. 
* Quinn's excited face at preschool pick up. 
* sorting finishing touches for the girls' bedroom. 
* loads of good new tv series starting.
* girls night out with her friends. 

Dylan is loving
* being in Year 3. 
* helping with Wylder's bath time. 
* playing Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker.
* getting his Bronze times tables award. 
* croissants dipped in nutella. 

Everly is loving
* her swimming birthday party.
* having three lots of birthday cake and singing. 
* playing make up. 
* drawing pictures of her family. 
* being SIX!

Quinn is loving
* going to preschool. 
* Trolls blind bags.
* chicken nuggets and carrots from McDonalds. 
* starting ballet class. 
* her big girl bed.

Wylder is loving
* giggling at his brother and sisters. 
* trying to find his thumb to suck on. 
* rolling over.
* watching trees in the wind.
* milk. 

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