happy sixth birthday everly grace

Happy 6th Birthday Everly Grace... the little girl who has taught me so much about life, about motherhood and about myself in your six short years. I thank the heavens every day that I got to be your mama. Loving you is just the most beautiful thing. 

You're feisty and stubborn. You're caring and compassionate. You're chaos and noise. And you're cheekiness and sunshine... all in one package. You genuinely have the kind of empathy that the whole world could learn a lesson or two from, but you can also be SO very sassy. Sometimes you feel so much older than your six years, while at other times you are so adorably innocent and vulnerable and new, that it seems hard to believe that you've been here six minutes, let alone six years.

But you have enjoyed six journeys around the sun now. And I’m pretty sure that nobody has ever looked forward to their birthday with more anticipation and excitement than you have this year. And you have deserved every single celebratory second as the centre of attention. 

You're a total gem Everly and I don’t know what I’d be without you.

Happy sixth birthday. I love you so much my little sunshine. 

x x x x

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