the me and mine project {november}

Rich is loving
* the barn we stayed in in Norfolk.
* visiting Wells-Next-The-Sea.
* having fun at Weald Country Park.
* watching England v. Scotland at Wembley.
* selling our home in 5 days.

Lucy is loving
* our amazing weekend away in Norfolk.
* matchy jimjams.
* the Gilmore Girls.
* being organised with her Happy Planner.
* seeing friends at Blogfest.

Dylan is loving
* being chosen to be a school councillor.
* taking his first dance exam.
* studying maps, atlases and globes.
* beach hut hunting with Mummy.
* fireworks night at school.

Everly is loving
* visiting the Stick Man Trail.
* eating doughballs.
* staying in our holiday house.
* talking about what she's going to ask Father Christmas for.
* practising her christmas songs.

Ashlyn in loving
* walking everywhere, and attempting to run.
* splashing at bath time.
* cats.
* riding around (and snoozing) in her new Cosatto Wow.
* eating whatever anyone else is eating.


a festive pyjama party

If you've seen my instagram feed lately, then these amazing jimjams won't be new to you. You'll already know that we've been proudly working with Matalan and Alderney Children's Hospital on their festive collaboration, which this year is #GetYourStripes. I think it probably says it all really, that every time I post a snap including these stripey gems, I get several people commenting on the fact that they tried to buy some too but found they'd sold out. These babies have been very popular it would seem. And what's not to love; amazing design, amazing price, to help an amazing cause. 

And matching.... how have I got so far into this post and I'm only just saying the word matching? As a general rule I don't dress my children matching; coordinated maybe, but not matching. They have different personalities, and I feel like they should get to reflect that in what they wear. But Christmas means that normal rules don't apply. It is one time of year where I really allow myself to indulge in the cheesier side of life, and if that means dressing my children in the odd matching outfit for the sake of a lot of "awwwwwww"ing and some cute snaps for the memory bank, then so be it. And the fab thing about #GetYourStripes is you don't have to stop at your children, because they have them in adult sizes too (and in dog sizes if you have a fluffy family member who wants to join the fun).


a baby gruffalo fan

The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child are long time favourites in this house. When I first started reading Dylan a bedtime story it was those two books that I started with, and for the longest time they were the only two books that he would accept as his bedtime book. Rich and I can both perform the entire books by heart; and I say perform because voices are a complete must. There is just something about those two stories and their simple twists on what you’d normally expect from a good versus bad story, that just inspires children and captures their imaginations - and those of their parents too.


the siblings project {november}

It feels like lately, every month I sit down to write a little update on this trio, I talk about how the gap between the older two and their baby sister is getting smaller all the time. And this month is no different! This month has seen Quinn go from those fledgling first wobbly steps, to walking more and more, further and further, longer and longer. Dylan and Everly love her walking; they still comment with excitement each and every time they see it as if it's the first time. Not surprisingly Quinny will happily play up to her delighted audience with big smiles and giggles. And her relationship with her older siblings is becoming increasingly playful; she loves nothing better than a splashing contest at bathtime with her sister, and enjoys some ridiculously loud roaring competitions with her big bro.


a beautiful first birthday party

I can't believe how long its taken me to sort through photographs from Quinny's birthday party. We held it a few days after her birthday, and considering she's fast approaching turning thirteen months I figured that this post was long overdue. We had a lovely celebration to mark the end of her first year, and our first year as a family of five; we were surrounded by friends and family, and our little missy just loved being the centre of attention.

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