the me + mine project (april 2018)

Rich is loving
* having our first barbecue of the year.
* Liverpool in the Champions League.
* Quinn's little shows. 
* power washing the patio. 
* having our new baby. 

Lucy is loving
* seeing our FOUR children together. 
* going for afternoon tea with my mum and nan. 
* a quiet Spring break together at home.
* our newly decorated bedroom. 
* having a newborn to snuggle again. 

Dylan is loving
* his baby brother.
* playing in the garden. 
* reading 'Ratburger'. 
* show rehearsals.
* playing on the Nintendo Switch.

Everly is loving
* getting to wear make up for her dance show rehearsals. 
* watching 'The Greatest Showman'.
* wearing summery clothes. 
* being a mini mummy. 
* reading her school books. 

Quinn is loving
* using the big girl toilet. 
* Lindt chocolate bunnies.
* reading and watching 'Room On The Broom'.
* putting on shows in the fireplace.
* being a big sister.

Wylder is loving
* cuddles.
* milk.
* his family singing him 'A Million Dreams'.
* keeping people on their toes.
* arriving early!


... and then there were six!

In the closing moments of Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 11:53pm, and at 38+6 weeks pregnant, we welcomed our fourth and final baby into the world. 

In a bit of a hurry. 

At home. Unplanned.

On our bedroom floor. 

Without a midwife. 

Or any pain relief.

But then that is a longer (or not as the case may be) story for another time. 

A very much longed for little boy and little brother. Weighing in at 7lb 15oz and every inch total perfection. The absolute image of his older brother, but with his eldest sister's hair and his littler sister's nose. 

And our little wildcard baby, with his wild arrival into the world, looks all set to live up to the name we chose for him. Our little Wylder Heath. 


the siblings project {april 2018}

I get to sit and write this month's The Siblings Project post at the end of a two weeks with this little trio getting to hang out together every single day. It hasn't been all plain sailing of course, I'd be lying if I said there haven't been squabbles to sort out, but mostly it's been pretty blissful and it's been lovely watching them with their heads together over a box of lego, or snuggled together under a blanket watch a movie. 

I feel so aware all of a sudden that their lives as a little three is now on borrowed time, and all being well, they'll have a new sibling to show off by next month's post...! So it's been nice for them to have this time together, and for me to sit back and watch them; to feel proud of the little family that we have made, and look ahead to the changes in the future. 

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