the siblings project {april 2018}

I get to sit and write this month's The Siblings Project post at the end of a two weeks with this little trio getting to hang out together every single day. It hasn't been all plain sailing of course, I'd be lying if I said there haven't been squabbles to sort out, but mostly it's been pretty blissful and it's been lovely watching them with their heads together over a box of lego, or snuggled together under a blanket watch a movie. 

I feel so aware all of a sudden that their lives as a little three is now on borrowed time, and all being well, they'll have a new sibling to show off by next month's post...! So it's been nice for them to have this time together, and for me to sit back and watch them; to feel proud of the little family that we have made, and look ahead to the changes in the future. 

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