the me and mine project {september}

Rich is loving
* having a couple of days in Amsterdam with work.
* Fifa 18.
* our trip to Legoland.
* watching Everly open her Lego Friends for her birthday.
* a day trip to Belfast.

Lucy is loving
* a fun day of filming with Benefit Cosmetics for Channel Mum.
* binge watching Suits.
* cheese and marmite toasted bagels.
* how excited Everly was about her birthday.
* trips to the coffee shop with mummy friends.

Dylan is loving
* wobbling his wobbly teeth.
* learning the periodic table.
* playing Mario Kart.
* going to Legoland.
* being back at school.

Everly is loving
* her new Lego Friends play sets.
* a trip to Legoland for her birthday treat.
* being a big school girl.
* LOL surprise dolls.
* being FIVE!

Quinn is loving
* Mr Tumble.
* calling anything beginning with a "d" Daddy.
* playing with Happyland.
* building with Duplo.
* pepperoni pizza (especially from Pizza Express).


happy fifth birthday everly grace

It doesn't seem possible that our little Everly is five. Five seem so grown up. But then it also seems crazy that you are only five, because you really do seem like such a grown up little lady. 

It's still kind of early days with school, but so far you are absolutely loving it. You run in each morning with a big excited smile. You already seem to know everyone by name; which is a bit of a special skill of yours. We're so proud of fantastic you've been. And as much as I miss having you at home, it's lovely to see you having a little independent life of your own and to see you blossoming before my eyes. 

You are a crazy, bubbly little character, and we are always laughing at the funny things you do and say. You're always singing and dancing, and making up little games and stories with your amazing imagination. And you often go off onto Planet Everly and are totally in your own world. I love just watching you being you; your innocence and confidence to just be what want to be. 

Every single day of the past five years being your mummy has been such a total gift. I feel so lucky and so proud to call you mine. You are quite simply a star and I love you with all my heart. 

Happy fifth birthday beautiful girly. 



the siblings project {september}

September brings the solid lump of uninterrupted sibling time to an abrupt end. And my goodness has it been a month of change so far. First the little gang lost Dylan to school, and the girls had a week of adjusting to life at home without the one they both totally hero worship. And then just as they settled into that as a new norm, Everly was off to school too, and while this means Dylan and Everly now get the excitement of sharing something new in the form of both being school kiddos together; it's all left Quinn a little forlorn. 

Its always the way with parenthood, and with life I guess, that just as you get used to things being a certain way, they change. Change is the only thing we can rely on. And give us another week or so and this new normal will feel just that... normal. 


oh the places you'll go Everly {2017}


oh the places you'll go Dylan {2017}

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