the me and mine project {september}

Rich is loving
* having a couple of days in Amsterdam with work.
* Fifa 18.
* our trip to Legoland.
* watching Everly open her Lego Friends for her birthday.
* a day trip to Belfast.

Lucy is loving
* a fun day of filming with Benefit Cosmetics for Channel Mum.
* binge watching Suits.
* cheese and marmite toasted bagels.
* how excited Everly was about her birthday.
* trips to the coffee shop with mummy friends.

Dylan is loving
* wobbling his wobbly teeth.
* learning the periodic table.
* playing Mario Kart.
* going to Legoland.
* being back at school.

Everly is loving
* her new Lego Friends play sets.
* a trip to Legoland for her birthday treat.
* being a big school girl.
* LOL surprise dolls.
* being FIVE!

Quinn is loving
* Mr Tumble.
* calling anything beginning with a "d" Daddy.
* playing with Happyland.
* building with Duplo.
* pepperoni pizza (especially from Pizza Express).

It's been a big month of big change for Everly. For all of us in a way (except Rich!). Dylan has moved up another school year, Everly has started school, meanwhile Quinn and I are left adjusting to a new normal where it's just us two all day long. Right now we're all still settling into things. Everly is shattered, and we're riding out the tears at tea time while she gets used to the long days without a nap. I'm hoping that by next month I can report that things have settled down.

And all the changes are what I'm blaming for my lack of planning for a photo of us all this month. There just hasn't been a good time. So we grabbed these blurry eyed, messy haired and fuzzy photos yesterday morning; before showers (in the bath because our shower is out of action!) and the school run and me running off to London for the day.

At first I was a bit annoyed with myself that I ran out of month to get something pretty and frame worthy...


that wasn't why I started this project. It wasn't about perfect family snaps but about being together and capturing ourselves whatever is going on with life.

It's a project which is about NOT waiting for the perfect time to take the photo... not waiting for your hair to be done, for the weather to cheer up, to lose a bit of wait, until you have gorgeous outfits and a lovely setting. It's about knowing that nothing is guaranteed in life except right now, and grabbing those near to us and saying "lets capture this moment because I just love you so damn much".

So I gave myself a bit of a talking to. And honestly, these photos are imperfect, but so is life. And I wouldn't have my life with these four any other way.

I can't wait to see what you all have to share this month, and make sure you pop by my cohosts (Alex, Charlotte, Fritha, Jenny, Katie and Lucy) to see what they've been up to this month too.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. I love your words Lucy! It's so true, life is busy and life is not perfect. But our families are perfect whatever, wherever x

  2. Making beautiful pictures is so much a part of what we do as bloggers I've lost count of the times I've wished my family photos were prettier but I've never not been glad that we took them! You've had an amazing busy month and perhaps a quick shot just sums it up perfectly!

  3. I’m glad everyone is settling into the new routine okay! I bet Quinn doesn’t know what to do with herself with her siblings gone.. I know Parker is missing Indie loads! This is a lovely, natural photo and I think it totally sums up this project! Xx

  4. These are gorgeous images and you all look so happy. I know exactly how you feel - J started school this month and she's been so tired x

  5. I love these photos - you all look so happy! Plus, the black and white is different to your usual pics x

  6. You look so different with your hair up. Really suits you. What I mean by that is you should have it up more often. I like Quinn's taste. Pepperoni Pizza is the best. #meandmine

  7. Sometimes life does just get in the way that little bit of photos doesn't it? These capture that perfect moment in time though x

  8. Love these photos! And Logan calls anything with a 'D' Daddy too! Haha xx

  9. This sounds like me every month! I think they are perfect, messy hair and all xxx

  10. I love these photos, I really do! I hope Everly settles into school routine soon, Evie is struggling a little too xx

  11. Gorgeous photos, such a happy family #meandmine

  12. Sometimes it's just about getting the photo however imperfect! One of the things I love about this project is that it means I get at least one family photo a month and it's such a lovely way of capturing our family. Hope things settle down for Everly soon - that tiredness on starting school is so hard x #meandmineproject

  13. I know the linky is closed, but thank you for those wise words about imperfect photos as I prepare to share my very imperfect photo for September... (err two weeks late!)


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