the siblings project {september}

September brings the solid lump of uninterrupted sibling time to an abrupt end. And my goodness has it been a month of change so far. First the little gang lost Dylan to school, and the girls had a week of adjusting to life at home without the one they both totally hero worship. And then just as they settled into that as a new norm, Everly was off to school too, and while this means Dylan and Everly now get the excitement of sharing something new in the form of both being school kiddos together; it's all left Quinn a little forlorn. 

Its always the way with parenthood, and with life I guess, that just as you get used to things being a certain way, they change. Change is the only thing we can rely on. And give us another week or so and this new normal will feel just that... normal. 

These photos make me really smile this month. Mainly because I can remember the fun of taking them; Dylan proudly grabbing his sisters, Everly striking her best poses and Quinn shouting "cheeeeeese" at the top of her voice.

I've always sworn I'd never match my kids; we love to rock the coordinated thing, but they have their own personalities and I think they should be allowed to shine. I tend to dress Quinn (quite literally) in all the colours of the rainbow, because she looks fab in brights and she gravitates to bright colours. Everly also loves bright colours, and no outfit is complete without either something a bit glittery, or a dress. And Dylan - well - Dylan doesn't care that much about what he wears... except when the girls outfits are similar, at which point he feels thoroughly left out and wants the same. 

So this month's photos simply had to commemorate their first matching clothing. This jacket was only originally going to be purchased for Quinn. But Dylan was peering over my shoulder as I was internet shopping and he quickly announced that he really wanted a rainbow jacket so that he could match Quinn's rainbow dress. When I explained that I was ordering the jacket for Quinn, he got even more excited and asked if he could have one too. And considering he's never really shown the slightest interest in any clothes before, I figured "why the hell not?" and I slung another one in my basket for him (plus another for Everly - because if I hadn't got one for her we know how this would have ended, don't we?)

And honestly they LOVE them. Partly because they feature rainbows and yellow zips (yellow is a firm favourite in this house) but mostly because they can all match. So as much as I may not be the biggest fan of matching kids, I might just be won over. These three are all so proud to be part of their own little gang, so I guess it's only natural that they'd like having their own little tribe uniform.

And I had to include these following snaps too, even though they only feature two thirds of the bunch. Because it's been a significant sibling milestone for this month. Have you ever seen a face prouder than Dylan's? Too cute. 

I can't wait to see what you all have to share this month, and make sure you pop by my cohosts (Amber, Carie, Donna, Katie, Keri-Anne and Natalie) to see what they've been up to this month too.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. I love their matching rainbow jackets and Quinn's big cheesy grins in the first few photos. Lovely shots of Dylan and Everly in their school uniforms too. It must be very strange for Quinn not having her siblings at home but as you say, give a week or two and this change will feel normal. Thanks for hosting the #siblingsproject :-)

  2. Such lovely pictures. Back to school was very much the same for us. First Paige leaving and next week it will be Parker for half days. Poor Harls is going to be so lost! xx

  3. I swear your three get cuter each month! Such happy little faces!

  4. Loving the matching jackets. It's unusual to find an item that suits girls & boys of differing ages but these definitely suit your tribe! Love the school uniform pics too! We've had the whole first day of school thing this month. Such a bit thing! Thanks for hosting the #siblingsproject

  5. I love matching outfits for siblings, I can't help it! Your trio look amazing in theirs and the older two so grown up in their uniform xx

  6. I love their matching rainbow zip ups and I don't think I have ever seen uniform that green before - it's so different and lovely. It really suits them! x

  7. I love that Dylan wanted to match his sister and embrace the world of rainbows! Make the most of this time while we can, that's what I'm doing. They look fab x

  8. Oh bless Quinn, I bet she's really missing her big brother and sister! I LOVE them matching - their personalities all still shine through, yet they look super cute all dressed the same xx

  9. Oh, how grown up do they look in their school uniforms xx


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