happy first birthday wylder heath

My little Wylder Heath. Our wild card. Our fourth and final. How can it be that we’re celebrating your first full journey around the sun already?

In truth, I don’t think I could ever find the words to do justice to what a total gift you are in our lives. It impossible to explain how incredibly happy and full of love this past year has been. I dreamed when I was young, of having four babies one day; two girls and two boys, and you have been that dream come true and more. You’ve filled a space in my heart that I never knew was empty. You’ve completed our family. You’ve slotted into our gang like you were always meant to be here, and it feels impossible to imagine life before you were here.

But just because a time before you seems like a distant memory, doesn’t mean that this past year hasn’t flown. It has. So so fast. Your hasty arrival into Daddy arms on the bedroom floor seems like a month or two ago, not twelve. And it’s always so bittersweet... to be excited for what’s to come, proud of what you’ve achieved, but also sad that those baby days are behind us.

As the fourth one I often feel like people might think it’s less special somehow, because we’ve done all these milestones before. But it actually makes it more special. Because I’m so acutely aware of how precious each moment and milestone is. And for every first of yours, it is a last for me... so I hope you’ll forgive me if I squeeze you a little tighter, hold you a little longer, and breathe in every last second. There’s just no escaping it kiddo, I’ll be clinging onto you as my baby as long as I possibly can. 

This past years has been such a beautiful privilege. You’ve fitted into our crazy life, like the perfect piece of the puzzle. You love your siblings, you adore being outdoors in the fresh air, you light up and grin wide for your daddy, you have the cheekiest smile, the twinkliest blue eyes, and the most adorable giggle. You’re just an amazing little human being that we are all loving watch grow and learn. But your favourite place, favourite thing, comfort blanket, safe haven; is me, and it’s a badge I wear with honour. 

Happy first birthday Wylder!

Thank you for being mine. Thank you for letting me be yours. I love you wildly with my whole heart. 

x x x x
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