i heart my snap

I rediscovered this picture over the weekend and have fallen in love with it.
It was taken in Cuba on our honeymoon
at possibly the most beautiful beach I have ever been to.
It makes me smile to think how wonderful our whole trip was
and how lucky we were that our lovely wedding guests contributed to it
so that we could have a little piece of paradise as newlyweds.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

daddy induced giggles


propping up the sofa

pj days

window cleaning

a new hiding place

boys time


plus one

It's a difficult decision when you decide to add another child to your family.
We had some definite ideas before we even had the beautiful boy
as to what size age gap we might like
and how we'd like thing to pan out for our little family,
in an ideal world anyway.

splodge and me at eighteen weeks


eyes {see it snap it love it}

First off I will apologise for being very unoriginal when it came to this weeks theme.
I went for my beautiful boy's beautiful eyes
because they are, quite frankly, extraordinary.
They are chocolatey pools of gorgeousness
and just simply couldn't have photographed anything else.

Getting a close up picture of a (not quite toddling) toddler isn't easy,
because he rarely stays still long enough for me to get a close up which isn't blurry and out of focus.
So I resorted to photographing him when he was at least partially contained;
in the bath.
He looks kind of moody about me taking his picture,
because he was getting tired and wanted me to sing "Five Little Ducks" instead of take pictures.
But his eyes just look so yummy


i heart my snap

This is photograph is one of the pictures 
that makes me so glad I decided to do my One Beautiful Year photo project.
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have caught this gorgeous picture 
if I wasn't working to a deadline
of trying to get a picture each and every day.

It's just an everyday moment,
where my beautiful boy is fresh out of the bath,
smelling gorgeous,
feeling sleepy,
and getting some tickles and giggles with his daddy.
This picture captures my son as he really is;
smiley, cute, with twinkly eyes
and a cheeky smile that melts my heart
and that he's just learning the power of.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

deep in thought

tickle time with daddy


breakfast contortion

guilty bird watching

sleeping peacefully

where are you going mummy?


ladies that lunch

Its lovely sometimes
to get an excuse to do something really fancy
and grown-up and lady like.
To surround yourself with pretty things
and lovely company and delicious food.
To leave you day-to-day life behind
and just relax and have fun.


i am lucky

Life is fragile.
We all know that.
And there is nothing more humbling that having the opportunity to bring life into the world.
It's a beautiful gift as well as an awesome responsibility.
It's wonderful and it's terrifying.
You would do absolutely anything in your power to protect the little life which has been entrusted to you to love.


surprise surprise

It seems like the first thing people ask you these days
when you tell them that you are expecting is
"Do you know what you're having?"
I'm generally a bit cheeky and reply
"A baby. Fingers crossed anyway."
But of course I know what they mean.
With the progress in ultrasound technology
it's now pretty much a standard 
that you can find out what gender your baby is 
when you are scanned around 20 weeks.
And from the people I speak to
it seems like the vast majority take up the offer.


red {see it snap it love it}

So this one was a tricky one I think.
But that's the whole point of starting See It Snap It Love It,
to get me (and anyone else who comes along for the ride) to think outside the box.
And I think a random theme sometimes makes you find inspiration in the funniest places,
like suddenly realising your child is playing with three red toys all at the and time,
which inspires you to dig out more red toys
and have a little red themed play session.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

just one of the pups


playing with his bro

beautiful giggles


tired feet

deep in thought


pretty.little.things - mummy and me

Lately I've been working harder to get pictures of me with the beautiful boy.
For his birthday I made a photo montage of his life
and while there were lots of pictures of him with Daddy,
there were hardly any with me in.


your fourteenth month


You might not have been growing so fast in size any more,
but you definitely seemed to be growing up fast.


easter down on the farm

We have family dotted all over the country,
and while it is sometimes a shame
that they aren't all closer,
it's also great because we get to go and visit them
and have some great adventures.


i heart snapping

Blogging has brought we lots of great things.
It's given me a creative outlet,
revived my love of writing,
ignited a passion for photography,
introduced me to wonderful people some of whom are my 'real life' friends now,
and it has given me the chance to have things, go to places and try things that I wouldn't have otherwise.


splodge and me at sixteen weeks


sky {see it snap it love it}

We spent the Easter weekend in Wales with family.
And I always think when I'm there
that the sky seems larger some how.
I guess it's the hills and valleys and wide open spaces
but it really is a beautiful place to be.


birthing baggage

I think I'm pretty realistic about my birthing experience with the beautiful boy.
It was scary, it was painful and not at all what I thought I wanted or expected.
But it was his birth
and it gave me him
and for that I will be eternally grateful.


{one beautiful year} our week in photos

 so many bath toys

punk baby

poorly little boy

reading on the potty

bath time with an audience

watching the ponies with daddy

a welsh dragon for our welsh boy


pretty.little.things - all dressed up

My little man is pretty typical of most little boys.
He gets grubby and loves it.
He crawls everywhere at great speed
and likes food to be a multi-sensory experience.
To put it simply,
he's messy and gets dirty
and I wouldn't have him any other way.


the world's most beautiful sound

Today we got to hear a special sound.
One we've been waiting to hear for weeks,
since back in January we discovered we would be becoming a family of four.
One that is simultaneously comforting and exciting.


at peace

I don't think there is anything on earth
as peaceful as watching a baby sleep.
I know that watching my little man
looking all cuddly and sleepy
is one of the best parts of being a mummy.
I make a point of going in to his room to watch him sleep for a little while each night
before I go to bed myself.
And seeing him looking so peaceful has a very peaceful affect on me.
The perfect innocent slumber of a baby really is a beautiful thing.


see it snap it love it

I love photographs.
I love that they can capture a moment,
or a place,
or an event,
or a person
that would otherwise be lost in time and memory.


inspired - tablescaping

I will confess that until fairly recently
I was unfamiliar with the term 'tablescaping'.
It's something I came across on one of the interiors blogs that I read,
and basically it's all about laying the dining table to look all pretty.

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