inspired - tablescaping

I will confess that until fairly recently
I was unfamiliar with the term 'tablescaping'.
It's something I came across on one of the interiors blogs that I read,
and basically it's all about laying the dining table to look all pretty.

Before our beautiful boy came along
we used to have more little dinner parties with friends than we do now.
And one of the things I always prided myself on
was the fact that I know how to set a really good table.
My lovely hubby always takes control of the cooking
because he loves experimenting with recipes,
but I would always take control of getting out our best table decorations, cutlery, crockery and glassware to make the table look very glamourous.

Then I discovered that many fabulously creative people out there
like to lay the table just for fun.
Now this sounds like a hobby I could really get in to.
So this week I'm going to share some of the pretty tablescapes that I have stumbled across.

How pretty is this crockery?
We have a very lovely white set with a cream trim
which was a wedding present from the parents at my work.
But sometimes I would love some pretty, flowery, dainty, vintage looking ones
just for when we want to be posh
or have a very special table setting.

I love the little chalkboard place mats.
And the fact that there is chalk left on the table
so you could continue to write, draw or play noughts and crosses all evening.

I think it's really lovely that this tablescape has been achieved with ribbons.
I think it's a bit fancy and wedding-y for someone's house
but I definitely want to have a go at using ribbons to make the table pretty.

I'm obviously not normally one to like too much colour
but I LOVE this.
It's so bright and cheery and perfect for spring or Easter.
I want to sit down at this table and eat cupcakes.

I would love this little arrangement just for everyday.
It doesn't look like too much work
but it still looks pretty and fresh and lovely.

(All pictures found via Pinterest. Click on individual photographs for original source.)


  1. I'm so glad someone else is as into making a table look as I am! Dean even bought me a book on it for my Birthday last year (and the laughed at me when I read over and over!).

    The chalkboard placemats are my favourite here xx

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I absolutely love any excuse to buy new table linens or candles or anything really for the table. x

  2. I had never heard of the term either until right here right now!

    I am a big fan of A4 paper sheet with the black marker line drawing of plate, knife and fork.

    Although, as you say here. Babies reduces the amount of dinner parties and indeed the swanning about before them where one can prettify la table.

    Thanks for sharing. Love the top image

    1. I've never heard or seen the paper idea, but I love it. I will definitely be trying that one. x

  3. Beautiful, I love Table Scaping, my hubby always laughs as he says not practical for everyday, our table at the oment is scaping the dishes he doesn't know where to put away - Ugh

    1. Hehe, I love that. Mine is currently scaping a half eaten Galaxy bar, an empty Wotsit packet, unopened post and a lunch box which needs emptying. Glamorous!!! x


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