sky {see it snap it love it}

We spent the Easter weekend in Wales with family.
And I always think when I'm there
that the sky seems larger some how.
I guess it's the hills and valleys and wide open spaces
but it really is a beautiful place to be.

So that's week one of the see it snap it love it photography challenge under my belt.
And I can't wait to see all your pictures linked up.

And next weeks photo challenge is 'Red'.
Chosen by my husband just this second,
that way it's a challenge for everyone.
And the next challenge will be chosen by the person who's 'Sky' picture I love the best.

Grab the badge so your readers know where to find the rest
and try to pop round and comment on the other pictures in the linky.
The linky is open until Monday.

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  1. Beautiful picture huni, got lot's of tidying to do but hopefully can get some pictures taken this afternoon to link up x

    I have my own little photo linky on a wednesday starting tomorrow, no challenge just link up your photo's :)

    1. Oooh, I'll look out for your new linky then. Any excuse to show off some pictures. X

  2. P.S I have put your linky button up on my blogs i love page :)

  3. beautiful photo, have added mine now (doubling up with silent sunday, hope that isn't cheating)

  4. Mine shall be coming up soon- I even stopped on the way home today to take a picture! x

    1. That is commitment. I'll look forward to seeing your offering. X

  5. Wow - gorgeous photo - love the editing. I have a pic but haven't written anything yet - fully intend to link up x

  6. Life as usual got in the way, but I am 100% going to try this week, RED mmm thinking cap.
    Gorgeous picture lovely such a beautiful clear sky x

  7. Gorgeous pic. I live in Wales and my boyfriend moved here to live with me from a big city and he is always saying that the sky looks bigger and clearer here especially of a night when you can see the shining stars so clearly. Great challenge, you've inspired me to join in with the photographs I've been talking this week on the sky whilst walking in the country with my little man. Got my thinking cap on for RED, can't wait to see what others come up with for it x

  8. Wish the sky looked like that every time I looked out of the window! Lovely photo! x


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