pretty.little.things - mummy and me

Lately I've been working harder to get pictures of me with the beautiful boy.
For his birthday I made a photo montage of his life
and while there were lots of pictures of him with Daddy,
there were hardly any with me in.

I love my little guy to pieces
and I love being with him 
but as its often just the two of us 
there is no one else around to take the pictures.
So now,
if we are out and about at weekends,
I make a point of asking people to take pictures of the beautiful boy and me together.
And our collection is gradually growing.

This picture is one of my current favourites, 
which my Dad took when I thrust my camera at him.
It looks like we were somewhere far more glamorous than the Essex coast.

And it now comes to the tricky bit,
this week will be the last pretty.little.things.
Katie and I have loved co-hosting this linky, 
sharing our pictures and working on a project together.

So much so in fact that we are embarking on a completely new site together 
which we are really excited about.
But the time and love which the new site is going to need to make it as awesome as we want it to be,
means that we have decided to cut back on some other bits,
and pretty.little.things became one of them.

Thanks so much to everyone who has joined in and linked up.
We've loved seeing your pictures.
And the good news is that next Friday
there will be a new linky running on I Heart Snapping,
so you can come across and join in with us there.


  1. You look like you are in Marbella or somewhere equally glamourous. That is a lovely photo and definitely think its one for a frame! x

  2. Beautiful photo, I can't wait to hear more about I Heart snapping. xx

  3. I can't believe that is Essex! Gonna pop over to new site now! Woop! x


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