splodge and me at eighteen weeks

Splodge's Size:
Splodge is now about the size of a mango,
and it swimming around in a uterus the size of a cantaloupe.
So that accounts for the sudden bump then!

Splodge's Development:
Splodge can yawn now,
and I think that is a super cute thought.
Plus Splodge might be getting hiccups now
and if they are anything like their big brother 
then I'll be feeling those hiccups really regularly soon enough.

My Size:
My waist is now 35 and a half inches
which means that growth has slowed down a bit
as I've only gained an inch in a fortnight.
Which is funny as I feel
(and think I look)
a lot bigger than at 16 weeks.

My Pregnancy Development:
It's really nice to think that I'm nearly half way now.
And when people ask me how far gone I am,
everyone seems to be surprised.
I guess September will be here before I know it.

My Body:
It popped!
My bump.
Overnight, just like it did the first time around.
I went to bed without a bump
and woke up with quite a clear one.
And it happened at 18 weeks last time,
so it seems this pregnancy is treating me very similarly to the last one.

My Appetite:
After suffering from a nasty tummy bug
I'm starting to get my appetite back.
I've been on bland food for a bit,
which probably isn't a bad idea
as spicier food is starting to give me heartburn now.

I love that my bump has popped.
I loved having a bump before and I'm excited about having one again.
And it's nice to finally look a bit pregnant.


  1. Beautiful! You look fantastic & a lovely account of all that is happening to you and splodge.


    1. Awww thank-you. I literally recorded nothing in my last pregnancy, nothing AT ALL! Which is very unlike me, so this time I'm making sure I get regular bump photos and keep a note of different things happening. X

  2. Woohoo a bump! How exciting! x

  3. wow you look far too good! ha! lovely photo you look radiant

    1. Awww, thank-you. I have been really lucky both times and have been a glowing, radiant pregnant lady rather than one who looks drained. Maybe thats why I was so keen to do it again so soon! x

  4. what a lovely little bump you have...it's great when it starts to pop out & people realise that you are actually pregnant!

    1. It's definitely good that it looks like a proper baby bump. A lady even asked me what I was having the other day, so she must have been pretty confident that I was pregnant rather than just full from lunch! x

  5. lovely bump! Hope it keeps growing nicely x

    1. Thanks. Me too! I loved my bump last time. I hope this one stays as neat and tidy as the last did. x

  6. Ahhhh you look great! And nearly half way through! Eeek, it will go so quickly! x

    1. I know. It's going scarily fast this time. But it's definitely nice to actually look pregnant now and it definitely makes it feel more real once you have a bit of a bump to show for it. x

  7. Awww! You're looking fantastic!! I loved it when my bump started to appear again! Made it all feel very real!! :)

    1. Definitely feels more real with a bump. My hubby even said the other day; "Cor, we really are having a baby aren't we?" and I think that's because there is a little visual reminder now! x


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