i heart my snap

This is photograph is one of the pictures 
that makes me so glad I decided to do my One Beautiful Year photo project.
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have caught this gorgeous picture 
if I wasn't working to a deadline
of trying to get a picture each and every day.

It's just an everyday moment,
where my beautiful boy is fresh out of the bath,
smelling gorgeous,
feeling sleepy,
and getting some tickles and giggles with his daddy.
This picture captures my son as he really is;
smiley, cute, with twinkly eyes
and a cheeky smile that melts my heart
and that he's just learning the power of.

I'm linking this picture up with a new photo linky on the block.
It's called I Heart My Snap
and it runs over on I Heart Snapping,
the photo and design blog that I run with Katie.
And it couldn't be easier,
you just link up a photo you love,
any photo.
It might be as part of another post,
it might just be a single photo all on its own,
it might be a series of photographs.
It just has to a photo you love.


  1. gorgeous! what a natural moment captured forever xx

    1. Thank-you I really like it and I'm glad I got it, it really captures his nature. X

  2. That is lovely. What a fab photo and he looks so grown up! x

    1. He has been looking very grown up lately. Dread to think how big he'll look when he finally decides to make his mind up to walk. X

  3. Thats a lovely natural picture, not easy to get I know! Good idea of a pic a day too, I wish I'd done the same with my little one!

    1. Awww thank-you. I think if the camera is out often enough you sort of luck upon these pictures from time-to-time. Don't think I'd have got it if I had been 'trying' if you know what I mean. x


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