your fourteenth month


You might not have been growing so fast in size any more,
but you definitely seemed to be growing up fast.

We had been worrying that you might never walk,
you were starting to show more signs of thinking about it.
You had been cruising around the furniture for a long time
but you were suddenly doing it at speed.

You were also standing up unsupported all of a sudden.
You would often do it when you were distracted by something else,
like if you were holding some toys,
or watching the television,
or having a drink.
The amount of time you could stand for was increasing
so we were hoping you'd be walking by the summer,
not that we were going to count on it.

After weeks and weeks and weeks
of Daddy saying that your hair needed a cut,
we finally took you for your very first hair cut.
You were absolutely good as gold sitting on Mummy's lap at the hairdressers.
We bribed you with a few breadsticks
and you say beautifully still while your hair got cut into an actual style
rather than just being a mess.
Your new hair cut definitely made you look very grown up all of a sudden.

You were effectively shaking and nodding your head
and in response to the right words.
You were even beginning to say "no-no-no-no" while you did it.
You liked nothing better than copying our facial expressions and gestures
which was really funny and cute
because sometimes you would really have to concentrate to get it right.

You really really enjoyed tidy things up,
which you definitely got from your Daddy.
Ever since you were very small
Mummy had made a point of putting away your toys before getting out new ones
and it was clearly rubbing off
because as soon as you saw someone putting toys into a basket or box
you would join in too.


  1. Awww Lucy he is so adorable and looking older isn't he? Burton was a late walker he didn't start until he was about 17 months I think! So your boy will get here in his own time! I like the photo of him relaxed on the chair with his legs a limbo!! Very chilled boy pose. And the last one is beautiful xx

    1. He definitely is seeming very grown up. I think it was the hair cut that did it.
      I'm not worried about when he walks really as I know I'll have my hands full once he is, but I'd like it if he could walk before I get too enormous!!! You must have struggled being pregnant and carrying a 17 month old.

  2. Awwww. He is scrumptious and the photos are brill x

    1. Awwww, thanks. I happen to think he's rather scrumptious too! X

  3. So cute that he puts his toys away, Josh did this the other day for a few seconds I think he thought it was a new game daddy had made up !
    Love the squirell picture x x


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