i heart snapping

Blogging has brought we lots of great things.
It's given me a creative outlet,
revived my love of writing,
ignited a passion for photography,
introduced me to wonderful people some of whom are my 'real life' friends now,
and it has given me the chance to have things, go to places and try things that I wouldn't have otherwise.

One of the loveliest and most surprising things to come out of blogging 
has been a friendship with a certain partner in crime of mine
who you may all know as Katie from Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three.
The two of us spend many evenings chattering together about anything and everything
(whilst neglecting our poor husbands who are self proclaimed blogging widowers).
Obviously a lot of chat revolves around blogging
and months ago we started chatting about working on some sort of project together;
we have similar interests
and get on like a house on fire
and it just made sense.
We just needed the right project.

Months later Katie told me she was thinking of starting up another blog
to focus on the design work that she does
and to help her improve her photography skills.
We talked on lots of occasions about how she could develop this site;
we bounced around some ideas
and I Heart Snapping was born.

Meanwhile the two of us continued to discuss wanting a project to work on together,
something which allowed us to venture out of the 'mummy' bracket a bit
and be creative in other areas.
How we didn't realise the answer was sitting right under our noses I'll never know.

Then last week we realised
we were talking (again!) about how we would love to run a site together
which allowed us to share what we had learned
but also continue to learn more ourselves.
Both of us have discovered a love of photography through blogging,
as well as learning lots about design along the way.
Why not share it all on I Heart Snapping?
So when Katie offered to make me co-owner of the site
and make it a joint venture,
I started getting really excited about all the exciting things we can do and share and learn through it.

We will be launching on Monday 16th April
and from then on I Heart Snapping will be our little place 
full of tutorials and tips on photography and design.
We hope you'll pop along and see us there.


  1. Very exciting, I can't wait to see what you both get up to over there! x

  2. I can't wait for this! I want to learn so much about photography! I love it but am rubbish at it! Also it is a good day to launch because it is my birthday and my 30th! It is a good day! he he x

  3. Great idea! I love photography and blogging is a great way to share pictures...I would love to learn lots more about it!

  4. I'm already subscribed :) Lol. Can't wait for the tips xx

  5. I'm so excited about this! I really hope it's a success for you guys. :D


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