red {see it snap it love it}

So this one was a tricky one I think.
But that's the whole point of starting See It Snap It Love It,
to get me (and anyone else who comes along for the ride) to think outside the box.
And I think a random theme sometimes makes you find inspiration in the funniest places,
like suddenly realising your child is playing with three red toys all at the and time,
which inspires you to dig out more red toys
and have a little red themed play session.

I've really enjoyed looking at all your lovely Sky pictures from last week
and tough as it was to choose a winner
because she was a little different
and photographed her children's sky themed playroom ceiling.

And as a prize Lucy gets the privilege choosing the next challenge,
which will be 'Eyes'.
She also gets to put a flashy winner's Photo of the Week badge on her blog if she wants to.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" /></a>

Can't wait to see the Red pictures that you've all taken for this week's theme,
so get posting and link them up.
Don't forget to grab the See It Snap It Love It badge so your readers know where to find more
and try to go and look at each others photos when you can.
And if you tweet a link to @dear_beautiful_ then I'll try my best to retweet them too.

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  1. Great pics! Love you blog xxx

  2. I shall have to get my thinking cap on for this one. x

  3. That's so good - colour themed play - I never managed anything so organised! He looks so absorbed too!

  4. I have failed miserably on the Red front but I have my Eyes picture ready to go! x

  5. He look so transfixed playing with his red toys. Sadly I had a technical problem and couldn't get my pic on my blog in time. Hopefully have no problems for Eyes x

  6. Hope you don't mind but I posted my picture even though this linky had ended. Have linked to your blog. Hopefully will have no technical issues and get eyes linked up properly x


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