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My little man is pretty typical of most little boys.
He gets grubby and loves it.
He crawls everywhere at great speed
and likes food to be a multi-sensory experience.
To put it simply,
he's messy and gets dirty
and I wouldn't have him any other way.

But the result is that he doesn't have best clothes,
they would be a total waste of time
because they would,
within minutes of being put on,
be untucked,
scuffed up
and dirty in some way.

So for our 'all dressed up' theme
I've chosen his party outfit.
The one he had for his first birthday party.
A trendy pair of jeans
and a t-shirt that left no doubt as to who the party was for.
Emblazoned with the slogan 'I am 1'
it was definitely clear he was the birthday boy,
but he could still be a boy and have fun
without me fussing about a fancy outfit.

Next weeks theme will be:

mummy and me

Can't wait to see some lovely pictures of you and your little ones looks trendy.

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  1. Im sorry I haven't joined in this week, I am a behind with my blog and need to catch up. Will join in again next week though xx


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