easter down on the farm

We have family dotted all over the country,
and while it is sometimes a shame
that they aren't all closer,
it's also great because we get to go and visit them
and have some great adventures.

One of our favourite family trips
is always to the husband's aunt and uncle's farm in Wales.
Ever since we got together we have gone at some point in the Spring or early Summer
so that we can see all the baby animals.

Last year the beautiful boy was only 3 and a half months old when we went
so wasn't big enough to really enjoy it.
But this year he loved meeting all the animals
and I can't wait to take him next year
when he can have some wellies to toddle around in
and when he can really get involved in all the action.

Meeting a little orphaned lamb

 Meeting a friendly Shetland pony called Bruno

Meeting a very big horse called Dave

Meeting a lovely little sheep dog called Meg

Sharing a first ever jaffa cake with Daddy

Watching Dave the horse do some jumping

 Feeding time for the pigs and chickens

Paying a visit to the ducks

 Easter egg hunting with Daddy

We found a Welsh red dragon hiding in amongst some trees

 We got the beautiful boy a little Welsh dragon of his own

 Meeting some puppies

 One cheeky little monkey decided he didn't want to meet just one puppy,
but wanted to meet all of the puppies.
So he climbed in the cage to say hello.

 Meeting some one day old ducklings



  1. Aww he's so cute. Looks like he had a lovely time :)

  2. Bruno, Dave and the pups have stolen my heart! Lovely photos too. One of the best days we had on hols in Wales last year was with our 3 boys at a farm. Our eldest is 17!!!!! They ALL loved it!

  3. The picture of him sharing the Jaffa Cake is stunning.


  4. Aw he is looking so grown up in these gorgeous pictures huni. We live quite far (about a 4 hour drive) from most of our family to and we do miss them but then when we go down for a holiday it's so much fun!

    Lovely pictures, thank you for linking up x x

  5. Sounds like the perfect Easter day out, and the photos are (as always) lovely.

  6. What a perfect place to spend Easter! Great photos :)

  7. Awwww very sweet! It's lovely being able to visit family when they stay so close to such beautiful surroundings.

  8. Your family is precious and I love your son's name. It looks like ya'll had the perfect Easter weekend~ New follower from http://therichardfamily3.blogspot.com/

  9. Wow, what a gorgeous place and the beautiful boy looks so cute and cheeky in with those puppies! He's growing up so fast xxxx

  10. How great to have family living in such wonderful places. My daughter loves farms, barns and all things where she can pet animals right now. He is such a cutie with all the puppies.

  11. Beautiful pictures, looks like you had a lovely realxing time, it's so good for kids to play with animals so young xxx

  12. beautiful photos, he is looking more grown up by the day that first photo is stunning :)

  13. Beautiful family Easter holidays!

  14. Bless. Lovely pictures, it looks like he really enjoyed himself. I love his Welsh dragon!

  15. oh my goodness what a wonderful time! I love the photos of him and Daddy. Oh so sweet. :) Thank you so much for linking up to the Photo Show Off last week! I can't wait to see what you link up this week!


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