me and mine {june}

Daddy is loving
* taking the beautiful boy to the Natural History Museum.
* getting an unexpected pay rise.
* the beautiful girl clapping at everything.
* getting some tasty snacks in his graze boxes.
* a magical day at Legoland.

Mummy is loving
* that she ticketed an item off her bucket list and saw The Killers live at Wembley Stadium.
* a day spent at Legoland with family, great friends and fab bloggers.
* white dresses.
* watching the beautiful girl become more fascinating with each day.
* listening to the beautiful boy singing his favourite songs.

The beautiful boy is loving
* watching the video of our day at Legoland.
* going on lots of rides at Legoland, especially "the boat with the elephants spraying the water"
* Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 'The Wizard of Dizz'.
* going to visit the broken clock at the field near Nanny and Pops' house.
* wearing his shark shoes.

The beautiful girl is loving
* clapping, grinning and waving all the time.
* dancing whenever she hears music.
* marmite sandwiches.
* nap times.
* splashing water everywhere at bath times.


{our beautiful story} week twenty-six

sunday 23rd june
nearly, nearly crawling

monday 24th june
bubbly faces in nanny's bath tub

tuesday 25th june
big smiles and giggles at the park

wednesday 26th june
kisses for motherducka

thursday 27th june
this gorgeous girly loves a breadstick

friday 28th june
sharing some cake for dear beautiful blog's birthday

saturday 29th june
waiting for the party to start for nanny's birthday


forty weeks new


It seemed absolutely incredible to think you were forty weeks old.


new dreams

It's a funny thing
when all your dreams come true
and you find yourself
quite literally,
living the dream.


{our beautiful story} week twenty-five

sunday 16th june
splashing good times in duplo valley

monday 17th june
grass is funny

tuesday 18th june
morning snuggles with daddy

wednesday 19th june
and so the first birthday planning starts

thursday 20th june
simply perfection

friday 21st june
a sleepy girl at britmums live

saturday 22nd june
just a little bit excited to see the killers at wembley stadium


thirty-nine weeks new

Since you had entered the world you had been ticking off milestones.


one day {june}

music credit: Love Like This by Kodaline

Blogging has given me some fantastic opportunities
as well as some brilliant friends.

On Sunday we had the fantastic opportunity
to spend the day at Legoland
with some of those brilliant friends,
all as a result of being a MAD Blog Award finalist.

We had an amazing day at Legoland Windsor.
I had been unsure how much fun my fairly young children were going to have,
but I needn't have worried.
We spent our day with the gorgeous family behind Mummy Daddy Me,
and we all had so much fun.

With Mads at his side my beautiful boy had a blast,
my beautiful girl and LL loved watching all the hustle and bustle going on,
the hubby got to go on some thrillseeking rides with Mr E,
and Katie and I had a really great natter.

On top of that we got to meet up with some of my favourite blogger friends.
Some who I've met before,
and some of whom I was only meeting for the first time,
but who felt like old friends.
Funny how that happens with blogging...!

I'm so glad I captured our day on video,
it was such a great adventure.


nine months

For nine months I grew a baby,
I grew a bump,
I grew a little person inside my tummy
all the way until it was time to meet.
And nine months ago that baby came to join us,
my bump became my beautiful girl
and our lives, our family and our hearts 
were changed forever.


happy father's day

I find it hard to find the right words to describe my husband
as a father to our children.
And at the same time I could write forever
about the beautiful gift he has given me, given us,
in making us a family.

He isn't perfect,
but he is perfect for us.

He is our beautiful boy's play mate,
his partner in crime.
They share a need to have things "just so"
and a mutual love of boys trips to the supermarket.

He is our beautiful girl's safe hands,
her hero.
They share the exact same smile 
and a certain twinkle around the eyes.

Happy Father's Day.
We love you lots
and are grateful every single day
that you are ours.

x X x


{our beautiful story} week twenty-four

sunday 9th june
fun on the farm

monday 10th june
happy splashy times

tuesday 11th june
an abandoned teddy bears picnic

wednesday 12th june
he can play like this for hours

thursday 13th june
"yes, I'm under the sofa again Mummy"

friday 14th june 
slippery sliding

saturday 15th june
happy little flowers


thirty-eight weeks new

We had been edging ever closer, and you had finally cracked it.


midsummer fair

Last Friday it was my birthday.
And while birthdays seem to lose their sparkle a bit as you get older,
it's still nice to have an excuse to do something fun or maybe a bit different.
We were offered tickets to visit the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair
and when I discovered it was on for my birthday,
it seemed like a great way to spend my last 20s birthday.


your twenty-eighth month

It seemed like in one month you had left babyhood firmly behind.


{our beautiful story} week twenty-three

sunday 2nd june
my beautiful girl

monday 3rd june
f1 tyres make great places to play

tuesday 4th june
the perfect place for 'dinosaurs love underpants'

wednesday 5th june
making dinner in nanny's garden

thursday 6th june
she's a thumb sucker now

friday 7th june 
 such a little dude

saturday 8th june
my favourites


thirty-seven weeks new

You were getting more and more mobile all the time.


sleepy time

There is nothing quite like the image of a sleepy or sleeping baby
all snuggled up in a babygrow
ready to go to bed.
The bedtime routine is my favourite time of day,
and not because the crazy is nearly over,
but because it's capped off by seeing my beautiful sleepy bubbas
ready to drift off to dreamland.


summer came...

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