thirty-eight weeks new

We had been edging ever closer, and you had finally cracked it.

Twelve hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep.
We figured it was safe to say that you had it sussed
given that after gradually creeping closer and closer,
you were finally doing it consistently.
Your recently discovered thumb seemed to be the soother you had needed,
and you had decided that nice long sleeps were a good thing.
Which Mummy and Daddy were over the moon about.

You were clearly learning the power of your hands full stop,
given than a week after you found your thumb
and learned to clap,
you had started waving.
Initially we had thought it was a fluke,
but it quickly became apparent that you were waving in response to our waves
and as a way of showing excitement when you saw us.
You would bounce up and down with excitement as you waved at us
which was just the cutest thing.

It was such an honour to get to see you interacting more with the world around you.
You would laugh at things your brother did,
you watched everything that went on,
you were moving around all over the place to investigate.
You certainly had a wonderfully inquisitive mind.

First photo courtesy of Katie Ellison Photography.


  1. She really has grown! I mean obviously she will, I know that - I guess what I am saying is boy time's flown by!

    1. Definitely! In the last month or so she has come on in leaps and bounds in so many ways. She'll be one before I know where I am. x


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