forty weeks new


It seemed absolutely incredible to think you were forty weeks old.

Forty weeks sounded like such a long time
and you were still our new bubba.
But at the same time you seemed to be growing up so quickly
and we're shedding you chubby baby looks
in favour of looking more like a proper little girl.

You had been babbling constantly for a while
but all of a sudden you were starting to make sounds which sounded like words.
Your favourite words of all to say were "da-da-da-da"
which obviously made Daddy very excited.
You also said something that sounded a lot like "hiya"
and seemed to have amazing comedy timing
and would say this when we were meeting people.
It was really funny,
and as soon as we laughed
you would laugh too
at how funny your were.

You were so, so, so nearly crawling.
You hadn't quite worked out forward motion yet
but you were so incredibly mobile and active
that we knew it wouldn't be long.
You loved trying to get to toys
or at the people your loved best,
but when your limbs couldn't work out how to get you there
you would growl in frustration.
You would also take little breaks in your attempts to crawl
just so that you could suck your thumb.
And you could balance brilliant with just two knees and one arm
especially if you wanted to wave at someone.

At the very start of your fortieth week
you worked out how to sit yourself up from a crawling position.
You did it in the bath first,
but once you had the technique sussed out
you spent a lot of your time trying to practise and perfect it.

You were definitely in a very physical kind of stage
and we just loved watching you work out new things that you could do with your body.
It was in these exact moments that we realised just how far you had come in your forty weeks
and it would dawn on us that you really weren't a teeny baby anymore.
In twelve short weeks you would be turning one
and that seemed amazing and exciting
and a little bit sad too.
You were just growing up so fast
and it made us want to freeze time just for a little bit
and remember every detail of you in this amazing stage.
You were so fascinating
and you brought us so much joy.

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  1. What a beautiful post and such lovely pics. My Son is two and half months and I'm already screaming in my head 'Slow down!' xx

    Alex ♡
    Bump to Baby


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