thirty-nine weeks new

Since you had entered the world you had been ticking off milestones.

And now you had reached a special one.
You had turned nine months old
and had been out in the world 
for longer than you grew in Mummy's tummy.
It was simply amazing to think how much you had changed in that time,
how much you had grown,
how much you had learnt.
And how much we had changed and grown and learnt with you.

The day before you turned thirty-nine weeks old
you had sat yourself up for the first time.
We found it funny that you did this for the first time in the bath,
as your brother before you had often chosen the bath to try things out for the first time.
It had started with your flopping over onto your tummy by mistake,
and you had enjoyed a long play time kicking your feet
and watching your brother from that position.
And then almost without us noticing
you just pushed yourself up to sit on your bottom again.
You looked sort of amazed
and jolly pleased with yourself.

During your thirty-ninth week we had taken you to Legoland
which had been your first ever day out at a theme park.
You even got to ride your first ever ride
which was an underwater, submarine ride.
It took us through a huge fish tank full of sharks, rays and fish,
and you seemed fascinated and amazed by the whole thing.
You enjoyed the day in general
probably because there was so much to see from your buggy
and that was just perfect for a nosey baby like you.


  1. Aww what a clever little beautiful girl she is. That picture of her in a little hoodie bath towel is just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful. the both of you, completely gorgeous! She is to die for xx


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