new dreams

It's a funny thing
when all your dreams come true
and you find yourself
quite literally,
living the dream.

Before we got married
we would muse over the future.
A home we owned.
Two pet cats.
Married and still so in love.
They all sort of seemed like pipe dreams at the time,
like things we knew we'd like
but which seemed so far away
they didn't seem like they would actually happen to us.

And then in the shortest amount of time.
Life happens.
And for us,
dreams started to happen too.

My wonderful man asked me to marry him
and eighteen months later
we were dancing back down the aisle as man and wife.
The opportunity to buy our first home popped up
not long after we returned from our honeymoon.
And within a month of moving in
we had our much adored fluffy babies.
Another month later
we were expecting our first baby.

It feels like we went from dreaming about these things
to suddenly rushing through loads of life changing moments.
And now, looking back
the life that happened before seems like a distant memory.
As soon as life changes
it becomes the new normal
and we all just move along to the next thing.

The strange thing is
that it leaves us now with nothing big to dream about.
Sure, a bigger home would be nice.
We look forward to holidays together.
But it seems like most of the exciting milestone moments from now on
will be happening to our children rather than to us.

It's a funny situation to be in
to be living your dream.
Because it simplifies things a lot.
It leaves us with far simpler dreams.
Dreams of happy times and happy futures.
Simple days and simple pleasures.

So here we sit,
with no real dreams to speak of.
Or at least not ones that involve big events and exciting milestones.
No, instead we dream of quiet lives.
Of keeping a home that we own.
Of cuddles with our pet cats.
Of investing in our marriage and staying in love.
Of watching our children grow.

I would have thought that having no big things we want on the horizon
would have made me feel empty and a bit sad.
But the reality is that it feels so full.
There is a lot to be said for the quiet life,
the simple life,
a life lived and full of love.

They say that happiness isn't a destination,
it's the journey.
And before I was probably guilty of thinking
"I'll be so much happier when we move"
or "Our relationship will be better when we're married"
or "We'll feel so complete when we have children".
And all these things are true.
But they are no way to live a life.
I'd much rather live my life
enjoying it just the way that it is,
right in this moment.

Some of our dreams have come completely true.
Others are in the process of coming true every single day.
And from here on out we have one dream
and one dream alone.
One we will work hard for,
one we will look forward to,
one we will make happen every day if we can.
A motto for our lives if you will...


  1. Aww x that's so lovely ;) mostly a dream, occasionally slightly nightmare-ish (coughs) but children are the making of us for sure xxx wouldn't be without mine for the world! Xxx

    1. Yes, there is the odd nightmarish moment, but still wouldn't change it for the world. x

  2. Oh, this is wonderful! It actually reminded me of a conversation i had with my husband just before we go married. We were sitting in a resturant two months before we got married, and he asked me if i would consider trying for a baby there and then before the wedding. He loved the idea of me walking down the aisel and him knowing i was pregnant but no one else knowing. It considered it as i loved the idea, but we were flying to mauritius for our honeymoon and i didnt want to risk the chance of being sick the whole time. We talked for hours in the resturant about names, what our babies would look like, what we would do with them. We then walked hand in hand home, giddy like anything that we were soon going to be married and start a family. I loved just staying awake until the early hours of the morning, talking about our future and now, our future is here and we are living our dream that we talked about many times!!!!

    1. Ahhh, that's such a lovely little story. When we were still at university we used to talk about having a little boy with our little man's name. I still feel like I have to pinch myself that I have him in my life now. x

  3. This is just so beautiful. You have such an amazing way of putting thoughts into words and I can completely relate to this too xxx

    1. Awww, thank-you. It's always lovely to hear that people can relate to what I write. And it's a lucky place to be, living your dreams. x

  4. Awww lovely Lucy. I'm so glad all your dreams have come true. xx

  5. This post made me feel all teary and then Kerri-Anne's comment below just set me off. I feel exactly the same. Our life is simple, but we are living our dream. Of course I would like to go on some nice holidays, and eventually buy a bigger house, but they are just material things. I am living my happy dream and I don't ask for much. I think thats why we get on so well, we both realise how lucky our ordinary lives are. x

    1. I think that's the key to happiness really. Realising that an ordinary life is actually the happiest place to be. x

  6. Ths is SOOO True!! I'm not sure I know how to be content - I think I've been so used to working towards my goals that I am don't know how to simply "be". Lovely post :)

    1. It is a hard mindset to change. I think we are all programmed to work towards things but sometimes it's nice to realise that actually you already have a lot to be happy for. x

  7. I just loved this. My dreams haven't all come true yet, but one day they will. For now, I'm just enjoying the journey and taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. And I'm sorry but Beautiful Boy's flip-flops make me die - so darn cute! xx

    1. I think enjoying the journey is the best way to be. Especially as the journey seems to be so fast. It seems like last week I was moving in to a rented flat with my boyfriend, and now look at us. x

  8. Beautiful post Lucy! I'm am glad all of your dreams have come true! So lovely! x x

  9. What a lovely post. It's so nice to hear that someone is just where they want to be. I often feel that my dreams have come true. I have two beautiful children, an amazing husband and a house I love. Everything I always wanted. I am a very lucky woman x x x

  10. your words ring so true Lucy. whenever anyone asks me what i want for a gift for christmas or my birthday I cannot think of anthing because i always think about what I would like to give the boys.Whenever i am browsing magazines or the internet it is them that I see benefitting from items i see. Thats what makes becoming a parent so wonderful, all your own dreams change and our children are the focus of them insread.
    My dreams came true having my boys and I am so glad that all of yours have come true too Lucy. x x
    beautiful photos of your gorgeous children too :)

    1. I'm exactly the same. Having children also means I've lost the ability to shop for myself, because I'd rather see them with lovely things than me. x

  11. This is such a beautiful post. I often find myself wondering what the future holds, in-visioning that moment we own our own home and can decorate it as we like. All we have is the here and now, and your completely right. We should live it for what it is! x


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