midsummer fair

Last Friday it was my birthday.
And while birthdays seem to lose their sparkle a bit as you get older,
it's still nice to have an excuse to do something fun or maybe a bit different.
We were offered tickets to visit the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair
and when I discovered it was on for my birthday,
it seemed like a great way to spend my last 20s birthday.

Before we even went I suspected that it would be my kind of day out,
and I wasn't disappointed. 
I am completely obsessed with bunting.
It just makes me smile.
And I saw more bunting at the fair than I think I have ever seen in one place.

There were some simply beautiful stalls
with a treasure trove of beautiful wares for sale.
There were antiques, vintage style clothes and amazing handcrafted items.
It was my idea of heaven.

No Summer's Day would be complete without a picnic
and fortunately the weather was bright and sunny.
So while the littlies tucked into a picnic on the grass,
we had some delicious artisan sausage flatbreads
which were amazing. 
We also had some yummy fudge

The attention to detail on all the stalls
and around the fair in general was fantastic.
All the exhibitors had clearly put in a lot of effort to make their stands look beautiful
and the whole place really was a feast for the eyes.

We met some inspiring brands and saw some amazing items. 
I met the lovely ladies behind CraftyClara and Deliart
who had kindly sent us some of their lovely shabby chic signs before the fair.
A tiered stand of pettiskirts from Angel Face
saw me making serious eyes at the husband
and telling him in no uncertain terms that our daughter will have one one day.

The husband and I had a walk down memory lane at Love Inc Ltd's stand
which was full of all the vintage Fisher Price toys that we remember from our childhoods.
I wish I had got a photograph but the stand was busy with visitors so I couldn't get a good one.
There was a wall of handmade felt animal heads
which I thought would be a brilliant, fun addition to a children's bedroom.

One of my biggest regrets of the day was that I didn't get to try one of the absolutely beautiful cakes
They looks absolutely exquisite
and I had been determined to have one as my birthday cake.
But as is often the way,
I got distracted by a little person and then forgot to go back and buy one.

 The fair was held at Hole Park
which is a gorgeous home and gardens.
I wish we had had more time to look around the gardens and grounds
as they were stunning,
but we seemed to run out of time.

However the beautiful boy did enjoy having a run around
in the formal garden directly in front of the house.
He played hide and seek behind the trees with his daddy
and generally had a great time.

In fact we all had a great time.
It was a lovely way to spend my birthday
and a fantastic family day out.

So thank-you Wealden Times for giving us a lovely day.
We are already looking forward to going to their Midwinter Fair in the run up to Christmas,
the husband has already booked a day off work.

We were given free tickets to this event
but we were not asked to write about it
or to mentioned any of the brands we have highlighted.
We simply had a lovely day and wanted to share.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome day! So many beautiful things to look at - I'd have been in 7th heaven (and her shoes are just the cutest things ever!!!)

    1. It was a great day out. And her shoes are super cute, she has them in white too. x

  2. This looks incredible! It's not *too* far from us and I wish I'd have asked my husband to take the day off work and go now :-(
    Your photos are stunning. What a fantastic place to spend your birthday xx

    1. It was a lovely day out. They do it annually, and at Christmas too. And I think we're going to make both events a part of our calendar. x

  3. Oh I would have had to smuggle one of the animal heads home! Plus I need to love into the spade and spoon! Fab pictures Lucy xx

    1. It was all amazing. There were so many inspiring stands. You'd have loved it. X

  4. What an amazing day out! That first photograph is so precious x

    1. It was great. And I'm so pleased with that first photo. I think it really captures a cute moment. x

  5. This looks like a wonderful day, I wish I had gone now. I bet I would have picked up some great props! x

    1. It was amazing for props. I think we might make it a yearly thing to go to, so you should definitely join us next year. x

  6. It looks awesome! I love bunting too, at the Kiddicare event yesterday they had bunting made out of different patterned bibs, it was AMAZING! x

    1. Bunting just makes me smile. I love it.
      And they had bib bunting at the Kiddicare near me too. It was really fun. x

  7. This looks amazing, would love to go next year.. Beautiful photos :) x

    1. It was really good. We really enjoyed ourselves. x

  8. A belated happy birthday! Looks like you had an amazing time. I love these kinds of fairs, we had one near us for the Jubilee as the Queen was passing here that day but the whether was really bad and put a dampener on the general atmosphere. I hope to fins some more this year x

  9. Aw so fun and happy belated birthday girl!! I feel like a bad bloggy friend saying it late. but this post is perfect and it looks like the day was as well!!

  10. Looks fun although I would have wanted to buy everything.
    Wasn't till after I spoke to you I realised that we were actually working there that weekend (my company I mean) so I did know of it kind of. Think I will defo look at the Christmas one x


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