{our beautiful story} week twenty-three

sunday 2nd june
my beautiful girl

monday 3rd june
f1 tyres make great places to play

tuesday 4th june
the perfect place for 'dinosaurs love underpants'

wednesday 5th june
making dinner in nanny's garden

thursday 6th june
she's a thumb sucker now

friday 7th june 
 such a little dude

saturday 8th june
my favourites


  1. I love all these photos. Especially the last one. But where am I? ;) hahahaha that did make me chuckle. (i.e your favourites.) haha x

  2. The last one is a framer! You have outdone yourself this week!!!

  3. Oh my god the thumb sucking, I am in love with thumb suckers, Grayson is still one it always makes them look so innocent.
    I agree with Katie the last pic wow - perfect x

  4. Very cute pictures! Love the one of them in the tyre. So cute!! X

  5. Gorgeous pics. It is so cute how she sucks her thumb! x

  6. Gorgeous photos. The last one is so sweet!


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