me and mine {april}


and the love just grows...

When you are expecting your second baby,
you worry about love.
You worry about having enough love to go around.
You worry that you won't love your new baby
as much as you love the one you already have.
Somewhere deep down you know that you will,
everyone tells you that you will,
but much like trying to understand the concept of a never-ending universe,
it's just not something you can quite grasp.
I know I couldn't.


{our beautiful story} week seventeen

sunday 21st april
she's fallen in love with the swings

monday 22nd april
I've been getting crafty

tuesday 23rd april
lying in the middle of her brother's chaos

wednesday 24th april
we had the park all to ourselves

thursday 25th april
a little woodland fairy

friday 26th april
morning snuggles in bed with mummy

saturday 27th april
playing together at bath time


thirty-one weeks new

We were having more and more adventures with you now.


the park

We're so lucky to have a lovely little park
that is super close to where we live.

I've been eagerly awaiting the lighter afternoons and evenings,
so that we can go to the park each day after nap time and before dinner.

And that time has finally arrived. YAY!
We went most days last Spring and Summer and love it.

And this year we have a little sister to bring along for the fun.
I think it's fair to say she likes the park too.

This blog has made the shortlist for the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging awards.
I'm so thrilled to have been recognised in the Photo category.
So if you love my photography and have a vote to spare
then I'd love you vote.


the whole truth

As a parent there is no greater compliment
that a compliment on your children.
People telling me that they think my children are polite,
or good natured,
or cute or happy,
absolutely makes my heart sing.
Because I helped make them
and I'm helping raise them,
and so that compliment is half mine, right?


another generation

Lots of surprising feelings come out of having children.
I expected to adore my babies with everything I have,
and I knew that their daddy would too.
But I really didn't expect the way that I somehow managed to love him more
as a result of seeing him become a father,
seeing him love and treasure our children.
But that wasn't the only surprise.

a midsummer day out

I love a day out.
I love shopping.
I especially love shopping for arty, unique, vintage goods.


the tough life of a toddler

My son is definitely more of a 'little boy' these days.
More of a 'proper toddler'
with some of the associated craziness
that being a toddler brings.
He has these things called 'opinions' now,
and he likes to share his opinions. . . a lot.
But he hasn't worked out that everyone else has an opinion too
and that they might differ from his.


{our beautiful story} week sixteen

sunday 14th april
my beautiful boys watching the wind

monday 15th april
chilling with a drink and a good book

tuesday 16th april
cheeky girl loves her toes

wednesday 17th april
bath buddies

thursday 18th april
hot tub smiles

friday 19th april
just love her tufty hair and chubby arms

saturday 20th april
helping daddy in the kitchen


thirty weeks new

All of a sudden you were really starting to get active.


{our beautiful story} week fifteen

sunday 7th april
a self portrait because we matched

monday 8th april
playing with your friends is really hard work

tuesday 9th april
fromage frais was a big hit

wednesday 10th april
my gorgeous cheeky girly

thursday 11th april
so tired she crashed on daddy

friday 12th april
marmite chops

saturday 13th april
her current favourite pass time



Life throws things at you sometimes
and you have to decide whether to catch them
or let them pass you buy.
Blogging has opened up opportunites to me
that I could never have imagined.
I've been to places I wouldn't have thought I'd go to,
reviewed items we have loved,
been in a glossy magazine,
made real life friends,
attended brilliant events,
been nominated for awards
and been in the local newspaper.
And the latest exciting opportunity to come my way
was an interview on BBC Essex radio.


twenty-nine weeks new

You were really getting a taste for weaning now.


never again...

jen hatmaker


pink lining laptop bag review

I am a big fan of Pink Lining bags.
I had one of their Mama et Bebe bags with the little man,
and when I was pregnant with the little miss
I was treated by my lovely hubby
to one of their Twice as Nice bags
as double the children would mean double the stuff to carry around.
Both these changing bags are used all the time.


a second birth story - part fourteen

In my second birth story so far;

My water broke at 11.30pm,
I booked into hospital as high risk
with meconium present in the waters.
At 4cm just before 3.30am I got an epidural,
only to be fully dilated just after 4am.
After a break to let the baby descend and the epidural wear off a bit,
I pushed my baby into the world at 6:05am.


our little individuals

It makes my heart stupidly happy
to get to parent a boy and a girl.
I love that my husband and I have the opportunity
to learn about raising boys and raising girls.
But it is already clear to me
that however much I might want to try to be fair and equal,
we will not be raising our children the same.


one day

music credit: Dreams by Brandi Carlile

If there is one thing that being a parent has taught me
it's that life goes in a flash once you have children.
It seems barely last week that we were newlyweds
moving into our first home
and bringing home our fluffy babies to play house.
And I sometimes look at our life
with our two beautiful children 
and wonder how on earth we got here.

Life with two children is a series of "pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming" moments
but it's also about just that; life.
And life looks different in each family.
Life also looks different from one month to the next when your children are tiny.

And like most parents
I am desperate to keep a hold of these baby days
and to remember every detail
because I know how fleeting childhood is.

So this video is an attempt at recording a day.
One day.
A family day.
With an adventure to the farm,
but also with all the normal bits that make up our every days.
Because making these memories is important.


your twenty-sixth month

You were becoming more amazing all the time.


{our beautiful story} week fourteen

sunday 31st march
checking out our easter egg hunt loot

monday 1st april
the boys flying high

tuesday 2nd april
some sibling sharing

wednesday 3rd april
bright and shiny girl

thursday 4th april
chocolate chops

friday 5th april
a special message for an extra special person

saturday 6th april
off for some adventures at soft play


twenty-eight weeks new

You were such an incredibly happy baby.

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