{our beautiful story} week seventeen

sunday 21st april
she's fallen in love with the swings

monday 22nd april
I've been getting crafty

tuesday 23rd april
lying in the middle of her brother's chaos

wednesday 24th april
we had the park all to ourselves

thursday 25th april
a little woodland fairy

friday 26th april
morning snuggles in bed with mummy

saturday 27th april
playing together at bath time

The beautiful girl's sleep suit in her Tuesday photo
is courtesy of The Essential One.


  1. I love the embroidery! Well done you, that's amazing.
    And I can't even think of a word to describe just how cute the beautiful girl looks in the photo for Thursday x

  2. I'm loving your crafty skills! Did you enjoy doing it? I am toying with the idea of taking up crochet - just to ensure some creative time that doesn't involve the computer.
    She's growing so fast and I'm loving these photos x

  3. I love morning snuggles in bed too!!


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