another generation

Lots of surprising feelings come out of having children.
I expected to adore my babies with everything I have,
and I knew that their daddy would too.
But I really didn't expect the way that I somehow managed to love him more
as a result of seeing him become a father,
seeing him love and treasure our children.
But that wasn't the only surprise.

Seeing my own parents with their grand children absolutely blows me away.
Seeing how much my children love them back is beautiful.
I think it's a combination of enjoying the fact that those dearest to my heart
hold each other as fondly as I hold them,
and the fact that I somehow manage to get a glimpse back in time.

I don't remember being as little as my children are now,
I don't remember my brother as a baby,
or remember my own mum and dad as parents to tiny people.
And getting to see them with my own children
means that I get to see how they might have been,
back when they were new parents,
and when my brother and I were small.

I guess in actual fact they are probably more confident as grandparents
than they ever were as new parents,
that valuable experience makes a big difference.
But at the same time I also wonder
if perhaps my children are almost more precious,
simply as a result of the fact they are mine.

I can't get my head around the idea of my children 
ever being grown up enough to have their own children,
but imagine the amount that I would love those children would be incredible.
I can say with my hand on my heart
that my beautiful boy would list his grandparents as among his favourite people,
and that makes me so happy.
And my beautiful girl lights up for her Nanny and Pops
in a way which says that she feels the same way.

Grandparents are such a blessing,
and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to know all of mine so well.
And I'm so grateful that I get to witness my children falling in love with theirs,
and to see the way they get loved and spoiled by my own mum and dad.


  1. I loved this post. I couldn't treasure my parents more at the moment - and they are just wonderful with William. I feel a lump in my throat sometimes, as I watch them. My mum fills the role of Crazy Granny - always there to blow raspberries on tummies and make him laugh. And my Dad - he loves William so much that you can see him try and contain it and stop his heart from bursting. He's the gentle and daft Po (that's what he wants to be called!). I love them so much. And I feel lucky to have them. And for William to have them too. xxx

    1. Thanks. It's an amazing relationship to watch isn't it? I love it. x

  2. oh wow, what a stunning blog. Beautiful photos. Look forward to reading more posts.

    New follower:

    1. Ahhh, thank-you. Welcome! Off to check out yours now.

  3. I love this post. As you know I have a similar relationship with my parents as you do with yours and I adore watching Mads with them. Her Grandma is perhaps her favourite person in the world and she gets so incredibly excited to go round and see my Dad. My Dad's relationship with her really gets to me- he is quite a gentle and shy man, which is funny cause he owns a chain of very successful businesses, and he is also incredibly affectionate. I love watching him with them as I imagine he must have been like that with me and my sister- my Mum says he never used to put us down. That thought makes me really smile. xx

    1. Awww, that's so lovely about your dad. I think becoming a grandfather has made my dad into such a big softy, he such a doting Pops. x

  4. Well I don't think I get a glimpse of what my parents were like with me and the same for my husband because the wee man can do no wrong and they spoil him rotten. I think it's something about less responsibility and more focus on just enjoyment and love for them if that makes sense. Anyway whatever it is my wee man has a very special relationship with his grandparents.

    1. Hahaha. There is that too. I guess I mean that I get a glimpse of what my childhood was like on a really really good day when we didn't need telling off for anything. ;) X

  5. I am pretty sure that Grandma is Dylan's favourite person in the world too and he gets very upset if it is anyone other than Grandma when the doorbell goes! I love seeing my parents with my children too x

    1. We get that too. If the phone rings or the door bell goes, then the little guy always wants it to be Nanny. He gets really cross when it isn't. I think it's so lovely that he loves her so much. x


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