your twenty-sixth month

You were becoming more amazing all the time.

You seemed to be so big and clever
and with your every expanding vocabulary
we could have some fascinating conversations with you now.
You were starting to come out with words and phrases
that we knew we hadn't actively taught you,
which gave us no end of entertainment
as we sat in awe of how bright you were.
You would say "Good to see you"
if we shook hands with you,
and we had absolutely no idea where you had learned that.
You now said "No, no, no, no"
instead of just plain old "no"
and accompanied it with a dramatic, slow head shake too,
that was downright hilarious.

You had moments of really trying to assert your authority now
and while you didn't throw tantrums
you did find things quite frustrating at times.
Like the times when we asked you what you would like for lunch
and then couldn't understand why we hadn't fulfilled your request for chocolate.
And the times when a programme came on the television that you didn't want to watch
and you would start frantically saying "Where's the remote control?"
And the times when we put you in your jacket ready to go out
and you decide that you really didn't want to wear the red jacket
and so you take it off and go to find a different one instead.

You memory was absolutely fantastic
and we regularly marvelled at the things you remembered.
Sometimes you would still tell us that the "pretty trees are gone"
meaning the Christmas tree,
and you could guess with incredibly accuracy
who's house we were going to visit
by various landmarks you saw out of the car window.

You had started to memorise sections of favourite books
and could often be overheard now,
speaking aloud passages of 'The Gruffalo's Child', "Stick Man' and "We're Going On A Bear Hunt' while you played.
You were beginning to learn some letter sounds with Mummy's help
and you were doing fantastically at that.
We practised them with foam letters in the bath,
wooden letters one-to-one while your sister slept
and with iPad games.
You were just such a sponge for information at the moment
and it was brilliant to see how keen and quick you were to learn.

 You continued to be the kindest and most loving big brother ever.
And this made us so proud.
Seeing you include your baby sister while you played,
and wanting to share your toys, drink and food with her
nearly made us melt.
You loved to entertain her, cuddle her and kiss her.
So much so that if she missed and didn't kiss you right on the lips,
you would say "Oh dear, try again."
It was quite clear that you adored her
and you were her hero.


  1. I am having a massive blog commenting session today aren't I?! I had to comment on this because he sounds so similar to Mads. (except she isn't doing letter sounds I would have no idea to start!) She comes out with words that we have no idea where they have come from- yesterday she said she was the 'captain of the submarine!' And she also has an incredible memory- she was making us melt yesterday talking about going to the hospital to see Baby LL. They are at such an amazing age. x

    1. Toddlers really are such amazing little creatures.
      And I'll teach you all about letter sounds if you like, it's not that tricky really. x

  2. He does not throw tantrums! Yes that is probably the only thing I will take away from this post. I am struggling with my wee man at the minute .) I know what you mean about them coming out with these phrases and wondering where did they learn that? They just soak up so much so quickly now we really have to be careful what we say!

    1. Yes, we're somehow managing to avoid the tantrum phase. I think he's just too chilled out to be bothered. I'm sure his sister will make up for it though. x

  3. Aww that photo of him with the beautiful girl is just adorable, i LOVE seeing sibling relationships and bonds developing. He sounds like he's doing amazingly well and growing into such a cheeky, clever and polite 'Big' boy. xxx

    1. I got obsessed with seeing siblings together when I was pregnant. I promise it's even more exciting when you get to watch your own children bonding, their relationship fascinates me. x

  4. It really is amazing how much they change and grow at this age. Lovely photos xxxx

    1. It is, he seems to learn something new most days. x


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