thirty-one weeks new

We were having more and more adventures with you now.

You went on your first little picnic
with Mummy, Nanny and your brother.
The fresh air and woodland scenery clearly gave you an appetite
and you greedily ate your lunch
as we sat in a sunny spot.
Then you sat in a tree stump
and enjoyed feeling dirt between your fingers.
You seemed like a real hippy girl
as you enjoyed nature
and it was a pure joy to watch.

You seemed desperate to communicate and interact all of a sudden,
especially with your brother.
You watched him intently,
smiling keenly and waiting for him to throw a glance your way.
He spent a lot of time ignoring you
but you didn't seem to mind.
And as soon as he was within reaching distance,
your arms would stretch out towards him
so that you could touch his arm
or grab his hair.

You were enjoying spending more time playing on your tummy now
and now that you were getting really interested in rolling,
you had decided that you would like to sleep on your tummy.
It had been a big surprise the first time Mummy found you like that,
but you would try to roll over almost as soon as you were put in your cot,
so it was quite clear that you didn't want to sleep on your back anymore.
And it seemed to be helping you sleep a little better
as you definitely weren't disturbed as much by noises
when you were sleeping on your tummy.

You had discovered you could make a growling sound
and you liked doing it to tell us you weren't happy about something.
If your nappy needed changing;
you would growl.
If you were getting tired:
you would growl.
If we weren't serving up mouthfuls of food quite fast enough;
you would growl.

It was such a funny noise.
And as soon as we called you are little growly monster,
your face would break into a big small.
You were definitely getting to be a real funny little miss.


  1. THOSE CHUBBY ARMS! I die! xxx

  2. Look at those arms!! would love to see a video of the growl :)


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