and the love just grows...

When you are expecting your second baby,
you worry about love.
You worry about having enough love to go around.
You worry that you won't love your new baby
as much as you love the one you already have.
Somewhere deep down you know that you will,
everyone tells you that you will,
but much like trying to understand the concept of a never-ending universe,
it's just not something you can quite grasp.
I know I couldn't.

Of course when my beautiful girl was born,
I loved her completely.
But what I wasn't prepared for
was that way that my life would literally explode with love
just by her being in it.

Because not only did I have her to love now, 
as well as my beautiful boy
and my wonderful hubby.
But the love within our family as a whole grew.

Seeing my husband cradle our new baby girl made me love him more,
just like seeing him hold his newborn son had nineteen months before.
Seeing my strong, brave best friend so obviously smitten
was enough to knock me sideways.
Our children make him weak somehow,
he lets his guard down with them,
and the love shows all over his face.
Having two children just meant more opportunities to see his love for them making him fragile,
and meant more opportunities for me to fall head over heels in love with him.

There is nothing quite like seeing your eldest child
treat their new baby sibling with kindness.
And the tenderness that our little man has always displayed towards his sister
is nothing short of beautiful.
Similarly, seeing a baby growing up
and showing absolute adoration for their older sibling is amazing.
The hero worship our little miss shows towards her big brother
is just about the cutest thing ever.

Adding another child to our family
didn't just give us all another person to love,
it really has made us all love each other more.
And I could never have predicted it,
or even thought it possible,
but the way that love multiplied in our family,
was a perfect kind of surprise.

The bond between my children is completely inexplicable.
The way that he has welcomed her
and accepted her,
and loves her without question.
The way that she will never know a world
without a big brother to look out for her,
and to look up to.
It is pure unconditional love.

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dear beautiful


  1. Aww, you can tell they love each other so much. Such a beautiful family :)

  2. This is beautiful, it's so difficult to find the words to explain how everything changes when you have children. Some things get more difficult but love seems to come easier; your two little ones look lovely together xx

  3. Ahhh so cute! Watching Iyla when she is being nice to Jobey is just the loveliest thing ever. She still has her moments and did ask me to rip his feet off and chuck him in the bin last week but mainly she is so caring and cuddles him all the time in such a gentle way. Although once he is crawling and sucking all her toys I don't think she will be so keen on him! xx

  4. Truly a beautiful post, you always write such love from the heart, I can totally relate with this whole post. I remember less than a month ago posting that I can't see how I will split my love for 2 boys, I felt different when I had Addy as they were different sexes but I think having another little boy and hopefully *touches wood* a healthy one will bring so many emotions to Ashley and Myself.
    But I am most excited to see how my other 2 babies bond with him, how Addy will be with a sibling who will respond to her affection, even now in the brief moments my babies can communicate my heart feels something that words can't describe x

  5. This is a beautiful idea for a linky. I saw it on someone else's post and had to join in, simply because the post I wrote today fits in perfectly. It doesn't have a photo, does that matter? I hope not....

  6. What a gorgeous post, and the photos are just lovely. I have a post sat in my drafts for this week or next week which talks about the thrill of seeing my children together- there is nothing better x

  7. I love the pictures and I am loving watching the bond develop between my two as well - as you say it is just magical!

  8. Beautiful post an a lovey idea for a linky! x x

  9. Those photos are just totally precious,you can really see the love and interaction between your two sweethearts,very magic indeed :-)

  10. Your posts keep making me cry. I feel the same way. The love grew all around. Beautifully written. I think this is one of my all time favorite posts. Thank you for sharing


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