thirty weeks new

All of a sudden you were really starting to get active.

Having learned to roll,
but then shown absolutely no interest in moving whatsoever,
you were starting to get more active.
You had always disliked being put on your tummy,
but you were ending up that way by your own choice all of a sudden.
And you could shuffle around all over the place while lying on your back too.
We weren't even 100% how you were doing it, 
but you could turn 180 degrees and move the length of your play mat
all while staying on your back.

Your feet and toes were a firm favourite toy
and you liked to try and grab them at every opportunity.
As a result it was often easiest to feed you with no socks or tights on
otherwise they ended up covered in your pureed food.

Your other favourite toys were your taggy blanket;
which you loved to cuddle and chew and suck for hours on end,
and your wooden wriggly caterpillar.
Your eyes would light up as soon as you saw either of these two things,
or if you spied any kind of label.
Labels made you so happy.
And packets of baby wipes.

Having spent months watching you chew everything you could get your hands on,
and dealing with mountains of dribble,
and periods of grumpiness associated with achy gums,
you finally sprouted your first tooth.

The bottom, right-side pearly white decided to cut through first,
and its neighbour certainly didn't look very far behind.
And you loved the different way that it must have felt,
because you wanted to try and sink your new tooth into everything.

Spring had finally sprung
and to celebrate we took you for your first (and second) dip in Nanny and Pops' hot tub.
You absolutely loved it,
especially when Nanny put all the bubbles and jets on.
But that might have been because it made your brother squeal.
And you adored floating around in the inflatable seat,
you seemed to enjoy the freedom it gave you
to move around by yourself.

It was so lovely to see you enjoying new experiences.
You were such a happy and bubbly little miss,
and you were an absolute ray of sunshine.


  1. Aww I love the photo of her in the hot tub, she looks so smiley and excited. And her first tooth, what an exciting week! X

  2. Too too cute - I'd be smiling like that in a hot tub too ;)) xx


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