{our beautiful story} week fifteen

sunday 7th april
a self portrait because we matched

monday 8th april
playing with your friends is really hard work

tuesday 9th april
fromage frais was a big hit

wednesday 10th april
my gorgeous cheeky girly

thursday 11th april
so tired she crashed on daddy

friday 12th april
marmite chops

saturday 13th april
her current favourite pass time

In Wednesday's photo you can see the beautiful girl propped up by a Mombo pillow.
We were kindly sent this pillow to try out
and we've been really impressed with it.
Designed to be multi-purpose,
lately we have been putting it to good use helping to support our little lady
as she starts to sit unaided.
Up until now we have been using it as a traditional feeding pillow.

But the people at Comfort and Harmony who are behind the Mombo pillow
have through of everything
and have made one side of the pillow really soft and squishy
and the other side firmer.
This means it is perfectly soft for lying a baby in on the floor
(or as we have been using it - to prop up a new sitter)
but the firmer side is far better for keeping baby well supported during feeding.

It also has a vibrating insert
which is tucked inside the pillow
and which gives the soothing vibrations and soft white noise
that so many babies (mine included) like so much.
The cover is really soft and a lovely neutral pale green colour
and as you would expect, it's completely removable so you can wash it.

It's been a really useful item to have with a baby in the house,
and has been used a lot for both it's purposes.
I'd really recommend it as a well-designed
and multi-purpose baby item.


  1. Awww, BG looks so cheeky in these latest photos! Her personality is really starting to show :) xxx

  2. I LOVE the cheeky girl photo...SO much personality!

  3. Gorgeous pics as always, I love BG's tongue shot.

  4. everything is so precious.


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