twenty-eight weeks new

You were such an incredibly happy baby.

You smiled at everyone
with your big beaming grin that lit up your face.
And now that you had worked out
that smiling at people
got you more smiles back in return,
you were constantly seeking out people
and trying to make eye contact with them,
just so you could smile at them
and so they would smile in return.

You were fantastic at sitting up now
and could sit really balanced for far longer expanses of time.
You would reach for toys without toppling over
and follow us with your eyes as we moved around.
You were also developing into a bit of a square eyes
and enjoyed looking at the television
and watching the moving pictures,
especially anything with songs and music in.

Probably your best new skill so far
was that you had really started to lean in for cuddles now.
When we lifted you up and held you near
you would push your whole body up really close
and lean your head into our necks.
It was so lovely to think that you wanted our affection
as much as we wanted to give it.
And you would even shout loudly sometimes
just so we would pick you up for a cuddle,
and then you would smile happily,
before contentedly going back to playing on your play mat.

Your transformation into a true cheeky monkey had happened
because you could now stick your tongue out.
And that was a skill you seemed to like practising all the time.
You did it when you were smiling
which made you look decidedly cheeky,
but you also did it when you were playing
and it made you look like you were really concentrating
which we found that super cute . . .

. . . just like we found just about every other thing that you did!


  1. She is adorable!!!! I love her outfit too :)


  2. Is she wearing a little tutu type thing? Adoraaaaaaable! x

  3. Awwww so so cute, I love the little tongue sticking out.

  4. she keeps getting cuter!!

    o and I LOVE the tights.

  5. I LOVE those stockings, gorgeous!

  6. oh my goodness she really is a gorgeous little girl :) and she looks so happy too. she looks very cheeky poking her tongue out. love her outfits too x

  7. I want those tights?! Do they come in grown up sizes?!!! Gorgeous! xx

  8. She is gorgeous and looks so cheeky too. Love her tutu and ballet shoe tights outfit.

  9. I love her little outfit, Addy had one so similar on her 1st Xmas. I love the cheeky tongue smile, she is going to be a mischievous little girl x


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