twenty-nine weeks new

You were really getting a taste for weaning now.

It was so exciting to watch your excitement as you tried new foods.
We'd had a good start with weaning
but then you appeared to have lost interest
and would happily open your mouth for food
but then spit everything out.
But all of a sudden you had decided you liked it
and you would lean forward like a baby bird
with your mouth open waiting for more food.

You were really, truly grabbing at things
and would grab literally anything within your reach which interested you.
You would really focus on whatever you had managed to get
and enjoyed giving it a chew and a thorough inspection.
You weren't interested in anything beyond your reach,
and it made us laugh that anything you dropped was instantly forgotten.
We knew that you could roll
but you had absolutely no interest in doing it,
even when your favourite toys went out of reach.
You would simply stare at the toy
and wait for somebody to pass you something to play with.

You really were the happiest, smiliest, most content little girl
and you made us so proud when we took you out to different places.
You always had a smile for everyone
and especially loved to watch bigger children
and being anywhere loud and bustling and exciting.


  1. Gorgeous, I love how you write these addressed to her.. beautiful <3

  2. I have seen her do that a few times, that little tongue sticking out business! It is very cute indeed. x

  3. love the tongue poking out, i remember Burton doing that a LOT for a while when he was about 6 months old. so cute. she is coming along so well and a pretty little girl with some gorgeous clothes and accessories x

  4. ah i love the tongue out picture!!! so dang sweet:)


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