me and mine {march}

Daddy is loving
* riding the roller coasters at Disneyland.
* seeing the beautiful girl meet Rapunzel.
* seeing the beautiful boy meet Mickey.
* going on the EuroTunnel.
* time alone with the kids while Mummy was away at Center Parcs.

Mummy is loving
* sharing the Disney magic with her family.
* a sunny day in a beach hut.
* watching the children's faces watching the fireworks and Disney Dreams.
* James Bay's Chaos and the Calm, such a beautiful album.
* all wearing Mickey Mouse t-shirts like the cool family we are.

The beautiful boy is loving
* ALL of the rides.
* eating at Cafe Mickey.
* fireworks.
* going to the seaside.
* meeting Mickey Mouse.

The beautiful girl is loving
* going to Disneyland.
* meeting Rapunzel, Mickey and Minnie.
* riding Mad Hatter's Tea Cups.
* singing all the time... and making the words up if she doesn't know them.
* eating popcorn from a tub.


{the disney dream} walt disney studios

Walt Disney Studios is the 'other park' at Disneyland in Paris. While the main Disneyland Park is packed with all the magical parades, character themed rides, and lots for little ones; Walt Disney Studios is a little more grown up and is also a smaller park. It's not totally grown up by any stretch of the imagination... there is a whole section for Toy Story, and rides themed from Aladdin, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Cars as well, but it just has a slightly more mature feel in whats on offer.


him and her {week thirteen}

he has spent the week alternating between two personalities;
one where he really pushes his luck and ignores all the rules,
and one where he is so kind and clever we just burst with pride.

she has been singing, singing, singing all week,
making up the words if she doesn't know them,
and adding dance moves too when the feeling takes her.

beach hut days

After a very big and exciting eleventh adventure, I knew that we were going to need something to cheer us up on our post Disney holiday come down. So a little while back I booked us a day at a beach hut for the week after our holiday, I thought it would be a nice little kick start to the Easter break, I crossed my fingers that some nice Spring weather might come our way, and figured that whatever happened at least we'd get some fresh air and I could feed my beach hut obsession a bit.


{the disney dream} disneyland park

The Disneyland Park is your quintessential Disney park, and for me, is always the one which holds the most charm. It IS Disney. It has the castle, it has the gorgeous old-fashioned Main Street USA, it has all the different themed 'lands' with all the different rides, you can watch shows, you can meet and greet the characters, it has the beautiful parades, it has the magical fireworks. It is what Disney is all about.


the disney dream

The Disney dream is something that just sucks you in. The familiar songs, the well known characters, something about the charm of place where anything is possible with dreams and love and pixie dust... it is pure magic. The kind of magic that I still fully buy into as a fully grown adult.


him and her {week twelve}

he has been so excited, happy and polite on holiday
and we couldn't have been prouder of him,
especially when he met his hero, Mickey Mouse
and gave him the biggest hug and told him he loved him.

she has been the cutest, giddiest little thing to watch,
as she's absorbed every second of Disney magic,
she adored meeting her favourite princess, Rapunzel,
and couldn't get enough of Disney popcorn and donuts.

siblings {march}

This month I thought I'd tell you a little Sibling story. A simple moment that happens four days out of our week. An ordinary, everyday kind of thing that also happens to give me my absolute favourite moments each day when we get home from preschool. Generally the little lady waits in the car while I jump out to collect her brother when preschool finishes (we wait to collect in the car park, so in the car is definitely the safest place for my little runaway to be), they nonchalantly say hi to one another, sometimes even going through the hilarious motions of having what sounds a bit like a grown up conversation... "Are you okay?" "Yes I am, are you?" "Yes thank-you."

But it's when we get home. Their little reunion routine is totally set in stone every time now. I let him out of the car first, and he walks to wait by the front door. Then I let her out and as soon as her feet hit the floor she'll shout his name. He shouts hers in return and then they both start running towards each other with arms outstretched. It's like something out of a very cheesy movie. They run to one another until they cuddle and I just catch the adorable mumbles of "I missed you" and "You're my best friend" and "I love you."

Of course, I then have to jostle them indoors and break up the little moment, but not before I've taken a second to marvel at just how lovely they are. My adorable, inseparable little pair. They are without doubt each others' favourite person... and I wouldn't have it any other way.


him and her {week eleven}

he has had an emotional kind of week 
and really hasn't enjoyed how crazy busy and away his mummy and daddy have been lately,
but is adorably excited about celebrating Mother's Day
for his "best mummy in the whole big world".

she has been waking up far too early
but getting to give Mummy extra cuddles so it's hard to be too mad,
and she can't get enough of dancing around the living room on Daddy's feet
and of telling her bro that he's her best friend.

backyard adventures {52 adventures}

It is starting to feel like spring is really arriving lately, and with it has arrived one of my favourite things... going out without a coat. There is something so refreshing about not needing to wrap up to venture out of doors, about just being able to open the door and get some fresh air.


him and her {week ten}

he had a fantastic report from his first parent-teacher meeting,
is every bit as bright, charming, particular, funny and lovely as we've always suspected,
and we really couldn't be prouder of him.

she really appears to be transforming into a little girl more and more each day,
is obsessed with choosing her own hair accessories each day,
and tries with all her stubbornness to assert authority over us all (mostly unsuccessfully!)

meals full of happy {52 adventures}

This probably seems like a very random kind of adventure... and it is really. But it was one, and it was as adventurous as we got this week with a Daddy away with work and a Mummy recovering from flu. So yes, I took my children to McDonalds for dinner, it saved me the prep, the cooking and the clearing up. And it made them happier than happy things... mainly because I got them their first ever Happy Meals.


time flies

You hear parents saying it all the time, and I am just as guilty as most.... "Time flies." 

Something about having children seems to crank life up to warp speed. The days are long but the years are short and I can regularly be heard bemoaning the fact that another month flew by, or that this time last year feels like last week. I've long since accepted that a life that seems to speeding by at a hundred miles an hour, is just a symptom of being a parent... and the plus side is that is really seems to inspire me to cram as much fun into life as I possibly can.

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