him and her {week thirteen}

he has spent the week alternating between two personalities;
one where he really pushes his luck and ignores all the rules,
and one where he is so kind and clever we just burst with pride.

she has been singing, singing, singing all week,
making up the words if she doesn't know them,
and adding dance moves too when the feeling takes her.


  1. They both look so grown up this week, they're both so big! Lovely windy photos x

  2. Ahhh looks and sounds like they had a lovely time at the seaside and they are so grown up I think I might cry even in just the amount of time since I saw them. Can't wait to see yall again in May!!! They are so precious. I love that BG dances and sings and BB sounds like Buba at the moment. Can be so full of love, snuggles, and caring and then flip to a boisterous side. lol They are lovely captures Lucy!


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