meals full of happy {52 adventures}

This probably seems like a very random kind of adventure... and it is really. But it was one, and it was as adventurous as we got this week with a Daddy away with work and a Mummy recovering from flu. So yes, I took my children to McDonalds for dinner, it saved me the prep, the cooking and the clearing up. And it made them happier than happy things... mainly because I got them their first ever Happy Meals.

I know that lots of people will frown at me feeding my children such junk, but in our defence they don't eat food like this often (let me point out again that these were their first Happy Meals). And I also think that as soon as you completely take a food off the table entirely, it becomes forbidden fruit which is hard to resist. McDonalds, like anything, is okay, in moderation. My children knew it was a special treat. And in all honestly they were both so excited about the mini water bottles, the bags of fruit and their little toys, that a lot of the chips got abandoned for Mummy to eat. 

So I won't defend our little adventure any further... judge away... because it was fun, we all really enjoyed it. And I remember treat trips to McDonalds from my own childhood, and I wouldn't deprive my kids of that for all the fruit, veg and organic homemade dinners in the world.

^ every mouthful got a good coating of ketchup first
 ^ she loved watching the traffic and munching on a fish finger with her hands
 ^ they call them "happy meals" for a reason

This year we are embarking on a challenge to have an adventure every single week... 52 adventures!!! They may be big excited adventures or simple ones close to home, but we want to have a 2015 full of adventures and full of amazing memories.


  1. Mcdy's happy meals are a great adventure for a child whether us adults think so or not. How lovely and the kids seem to be oh so happy about it too. When Daddy is away why not. Sorry to hear you have not been well hope that flu is long gone. Big hugs.

  2. Hehe this made me chuckle because I think for kids this would be a BIG adventure. Typically my two are fusspots and don't like McDonalds- we were saying at the weekend why won't they just eat a god damn chip!? xx

  3. No judgement here, we take the boys to Mc Donalds once a month for a treat! It is definitely classed as an adventure and BB and BG seem super happy with their first happy meals! xxx

  4. Who knew you could get such beautiful photos in McDonalds?! 3 third one down and 3rd from the bottom or really lovely x


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