a stroll along the prom {52 adventures}

It's been at least a few weeks now since we last had an adventure involving a nice bit of sea air and water and boats, so with the sunshine coming out to play we went on a lovely adventure to walk along the prom at Maldon.

Maldon is one of my favourite places for a seasidey stroll. So, technically, it isn't the seaside, it's an estuary, but it has some gorgeous old boats, a great adventure play park, a beautiful landscaped prom to walk along, and in summer a fantastic splash park (so don't expect this to be the last time Maldon features this year!) We had a lovely adventure there together in the spring sunshine. The prom isn't that long so is a perfect, simple adventure for little legs and I just love it. Especially when a certain little brother-sister combo I know keep insisting on walking together holding hands, I'm sure they do it because they know it makes all the old ladies walking their dogs say how cute they are.

 ^ they always look so proud walking hand in hand together

This year we are embarking on a challenge to have an adventure every single week... 52 adventures!!! They may be big excited adventures or simple ones close to home, but we want to have a 2015 full of adventures and full of amazing memories.


  1. The kids seem to be taller this week, is that possible to tell in a photo probably not. But man do they grow up so fast. I love the look on BG face as she runs around the juggle gym so cute. I know I said it before their matching coats are adorable. I love navy!

  2. They look so cute in their matching coats! xx

  3. Some serious twinning going on here, check them out in their matching coats. Adorable. Beautiful photos as always Lucy xxx


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