happy fourth birthday beautiful boy

Just like that, you really aren't a baby anymore!
While three could still be considered toddler territory,
four is big boy territory,
and you are so ready to fill those big boy shoes.

Every amazing year seems to fly by
as we pack our days with fun and adventures
and this year has seen to you taking little adventures of your own;
adventures independently of us,
as you've started preschool and classes which are all your own.
You've embraced this opportunities with such excitement and enthusiasm
and words could never really express how very proud you make us.

You are so sensitive and kind,
so hilariously funny and cheeky,
so inquisitive about the world,
so keen to learn,
so polite,
so warm,
so friendly;
and I thank my lucky stars every day
that I get the pleasure of raising you,
and witnessing all the fantastic things you are becoming.

As you turned one, and two, and three,
it made me so emotional to think how far you had come from those baby days,
how far we had come together.
And this year is no different.
Four seems so big.
Four will see you start primary school.
And while you have without a doubt got the energy and personality to absolutely rule at being four,
sometimes I look at you and still see the baby you once were
and just can't believe that we have come so far
and how far your legs are going to take you in life.

You rock my world little man,
and I couldn't be prouder that I get to be your best girl
and your best friend
and your mummy.

Happy fourth birthday beautiful boy.
I love you more.
I love you most.
x x x


  1. HUGE HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to an amazing beautiful boy!!! Can't believe you are four now! Wow school soon and growing up so fast. I hope you get spoiled and have the best day ever!!! xoxo

  2. Awww what a gorgeous pic!! You are right - 4 suddenly is big boy territory! Hope he has a fab day x

  3. Happy birthday BB! 4 is a great age! I hope he has a brilliant day! x

  4. Aww Happy Birthday to your lovely little boy! Such a beautiful post <3 xx

  5. He shares the same birthday as my Mr! Happy birthday to your little boy, I feel so emotional as my biggest turned four in October, such a scary age! like you say, 3 is still 'toddler stages' where as four, is proper little kiddie! ;( xxx

  6. Aww Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy - and I know what you mean, I felt like four was crossing a watershed when Kitty had her birthday in September, I think it's the realisation of just how big a change this next year will bring, but I think it's going to be amazing!

  7. Happy Birthday you beautiful boy! Four definitely seems very big but I can't wait to see what adventures four brings all of you x

  8. Happy Birthday BB! 4 is so big but still so little too

  9. What a gorgeous photo of your little 4 year old! I hope he had a fantastic birthday! xxx

  10. Happy Birthday to your little boy. You're so right, 4 does seem a lot older, I can't quite believe that school is on the horizon for them! Hope he had a lovely day xx


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