happy birthday beautiful boy

One year ago, your life was only just beginning.
And in a strange sort of way, so was mine.
It was a wonderful new life for us both.
And over the past year,
all 52 weeks of it,
all 365 days of it,
I have loved every single, blessed second
of being your mummy.

Then six months ago I wrote all about how things had changed.
How big you were getting.
How clever you were.
How funny and grown-up and brave you were.
Looking back at that post now,
it's hard to believe just how much things have changed again.

In much the same way
that I could never really associate my baby bump, Dollop
with the baby that I brought home;
I now struggle to get my head around the fact
that that baby I brought home
is the same one that now makes me laugh at his giggle
and melt with his cuddles.

To put it simply;
You rock my world.

So happy birthday baby boy.
I love you with all my heart.


  1. I do not do tears, not ever not ever ever (apart from The Sound Of Music) but this just made me well up - it's lovely - Happy Birthday to your Beautiful Boy - jo xx

  2. simply beautiful!

  3. Awww this is lovely Lucy- Happy birthday xx

  4. awww i didn't realise its his birthday today! happy 1st birthday beautiful boy and your mummy has written a lovely post on your honour. i hope she and you (and daddy) enjoyed your special day x

  5. Happy 1st Birthday - these children of ours are wondrous!

  6. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little

  7. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you DBB x


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