This photo is of my beautiful fledgling family.

It's of my two beautiful boys
on the littlest ones first full day in the world.
I love these two boys
and I love this picture.
The tiny fragile baby,
the proud as punch new daddy.

My husband had arrived to pick us up from the hospital
and it already seemed like he had missed so much.
He sat cradling his newborn son like this for ages;
drinking him in,
catching up,
learning every feature of his face
and looking at him with eyes full of love.

I don't think I've ever felt so proud
as I did looking at them together like this.
I love the people.
I love the picture.
I love the moment it captured.
My family.


  1. Thats a lovely photo- nothing better than a photo of a Daddy holding a baby- it makes me feel all warm inside every time! x

  2. This photo is lovely, my Mr looked alot less calm than this :) x

  3. Lovely photo, you can just see the contentment on his face, heartwarming! x


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