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I love the little guys bedroom.
Before he arrived we painted it
we prepared it for him.
My hubby and my dad built his cot,
I made him a patchwork quilt.
We filled the room with things we thought he would need and like.

I love his cot the most.
I think if it was a little bit bigger
then I wouldn't mind going in there for a little sleep myself.

I love his cosy quilt
and get a big gush of pride when I look at it,
to think that I made it for my Dollop.
He picked the yellow taggie blanket himself
when we went to The Baby Show last year.
He loves chewing and sucking the ribbons.

This little seahorse has been such a bedtime comfort ever since we got him.
I know it's a popular addition to cots of babies up and down the country,
but there are some nights that I know for a fact 
that we would have had a screaming baby without him.
The little guy can turn him on himself now
and many mornings we can hear the tunes playing
when he is awake but not ready to wake Mummy and Daddy yet.

These are the little guys bed mates.
The white bear is called Snowbert
(which is a combination of Snowy and Gilbert the two white bears who came before him)
and he is a recent addition who was a birthday present
from my 'other family'.
The little brown bear is Beno,
he was a gift from Uncle Matt and Auntie Jen when the little guy was born.
Then there is Geoffrey the Giraffe and Malcolm the Monkey
who we bought before he was born.
I should point out that these guys always start the night like this,
where we find them in the morning is anyone's guess. 

So there you go,
that was a little tour of the beautiful baby bed in our house.
Can't wait to see all of your offerings this week,
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Here's the badge:

Last weeks theme was Cute and Cosy Nightwear
and the picture we chose as our winner was this one:

We love the PJs and the cute little bubba in them.
So here is our winners badge to show off to all your friends.

And so finally
that brings we on to next weeks theme
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It could be some cute boots,
some trendy trainers
or a cosy pair of slippers.
You choose
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  1. Seahorsey! We love it!
    and his duvet/blankets are adorable x

  2. Aaahhhh gorgeous. I love the cuddly giraffe and cant believ you made those things yourself x

  3. I think that seahorse is a regular feature in many beds up and down the land! I am very impressed with your quilt- very clever indeed. x


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