inspired - beach huts

I know for a fact that this weeks inspired
is inspired by the fact that we had such nice sunny weather over the weekend.
We went for a lovely walk by the water at the weekend
and it reminded me how much a water baby and a beach baby I am.

The hubby and I were both living at the coast when we first met
and we spent many of our first days together at the beach.
Sharing chips and gravy,
eating ice-cream
and with hubby winning me stuffed toys in the arcades.

I would love to move nearer to the coast
so that we can bring up the little guy near the sea.
Although we're pretty lucky living where we do
because we're not very far away from the seaside.
And a little family trip to the coast will definitely be on the cards for a lot of weekends this summer.

So this brings me on to my inspiration for this week;
beach huts.
I love them.
I know that they are really just a shed over looking the sea
but I love them.
I'd love to have one
if they weren't so expensive.

These ones are such pretty colours
and I love the look of them.
I'd love to have a nosey inside them.

These ones are brighter colours and still so pretty.
I can just imagine hanging out at one on a nice hot day.

Of course, I would want the interior of my beach hut
to be as cute and pretty as the outside.
I love all the bunting in this one.

I love that this beach hut has a little veranda.
Perfect for sitting at a little table
and eating strawberries
with a glass of Pimms
and looking out to sea.

This photo is actually my own.
These beautiful beach huts are at a beach not to far from us.
I love the colours
and the fact they look like they've been transported from somewhere in the Caribbean.
If I had lots of money then I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
A blue one I think.

Can't wait to see what you guys link up.

(First four photographs found via Pinterest. Click on individual photo for original source.)


  1. I'm such a seaside person too and wish that we lived nearer to the coast. As a child we were only a 20 minute drive away so spent many weekends on the beach, I was very lucky!
    I'm obsessed with beach huts too and always peer in nosily when I walk past! Have you ever been to Wells, the beach huts there are gorgeous x

  2. This post makes me want to go on holiday!! I love pretty beach huts.

  3. We are so similar my little PIC....I love beachhuts, my favourites in the world are the ones in Southwold in Suffolk. xx

  4. oh I will have to take a photo of ours in Southbourne! Had it all my life! So luckyxx


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