Monday, 6 February 2012

inspired - hearts

In my poorly state over the last few days
I've barely had the energy to raise my head
let alone look around me for inspiration.
I know,
too poorly for Pinterest.
It was bad.

So this week I've fallen back on something which has always inspired me.
There's is just something about the heart shape that I like.
Most likely it's because I'm a romantic little creature,
but I just like how they look.
And I'm pretty sure you could go into any room in my home
and find a heart somewhere.

I'm currently collecting hearts
of all different shapes, sizes and textures
to hang in an arrangement above our bed.
I'm not sure where the idea came from
but I'll make sure I share it when I get round to actually doing it.

So for this week
here are some lovely inspiring hearts.

Bunting is another little obsession of mine
and his paper heart bunting is so cute.

I think these little hearts made of strips of paper saying I love you
are just adorable.
I'd rather like one for my collection I think.

These little translucent pretties
were made with wax crayon shavings.
So clever and so pretty.
And would look so lovely hanging in a window.

I would love a heart shaped pebble.
I've never been lucky enough to find one.
In fact what I'd really like
would be for the hubby to find one
and then give it to me
while saying something cute.
A girl can dream!

If this was made with white and cream papers
it would be the perfect addition to my collection.
If only I didn't have a list of craft projects the length of my arm,
I think this one would be lovely.

So there you go.
My inspirations for his week.
Can't wait to see what's been inspiring you lot.

(All pictures found via Pinterest. Click on images for original source.)


  1. Imagine how long you would have to search for that many heart pebbles! That is a serious Pinterest addiction!

  2. I heart hearts! This has totally got me in the mood for Valentines day :) x

  3. Aw I'm almost feeling romantic...almost ;)

  4. I love the heart bunting- amazing! I also love hearts! x


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