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I first became familiar with Kiddicare when I was pregnant.
An old friend went to the bother of emailing me to recommend them
because she said you really couldn't beat their service or prices.
Days later another friend recommended them
which was strange because until that point I'd never heard of them.
It gave me the impression that Kiddicare was part of some sort of Mummy Club
that you knew about once you were a mummy too.
I ordered various bits and pieces for my anticipated baby
and was also impressed by the prices and service.

Fast forward a few months
and I had a new baby, a new blog and had just joined the Kiddicare team of Mummy bloggers.
I was invited along to an event at Kiddicare 
and to my surprise discovered their base is in Peterborough
at a big, big, BIG store.
I wish I'd known that store existed when I was pregnant
because I'd definitely have made the trip
to be able to look at and test so many buggies,
and to simply access so many baby products all under one roof.

Well Kiddicare is growing and going from strength to strength 
and they are opening more stores.
One of which will be at Thurrock,
which is lots closer to me than Peterborough.
And Kiddicare are giving their customers the chance to choose which store they open first.
Thurrock will obviously be getting my vote,
and should definitely get your vote too.

All you need to do is like their Facebook page 
and then you can vote.
So vote for the store nearest to you
(or Thurrock because it would make me happy)
and you can also enter into a competition to win £1500 of vouchers
and a chance to have a special Very Important Baby personal shopping experience.

I was asked to write this post by Kiddicare and have been rewarded for doing so, 
however all opinions and experiences are my own. 
I personally think that Kiddicare are fab and I recommend them all the time.

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