pretty.little.things - winter accessory

As much as I am a total summer baby
who loves the warm weather much more than cold.
I do like the accessories that come with winter.

I love when I get to dig my boots out
and my (handknitted by my own fair hand) scarf
and my (handknitted by my mum's fair hand) fingerless mittens.

There is something really nice about wrapping up all cosy.
And when I discovered I was expecting my first baby in February
I excitedly went out and bought a snow suit for my little newborn to wear.
Unfortunately last Winter came to a pretty abrupt end around about the time he was born,
so he hardly wore the cute little snowsuit I had bought him.

So this Winter has been his first proper Winter
and picking my favourite Winter accessory was easy-peasy.
It has to be this hat.
I seriously wanted to buy one for myself
but they didn't go up to my size.

It's from Gap
and I managed to buy it on discount (YAY!)
and I just love how my gorgeous little boy
seems to look instantly cheeky the minute he has it on.

Can't wait to see all your pretty.little.things this week,
in there gorgeous winter accessories.

This week Katie at Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three is hosting the linky
so pop over there and get linked up.

And without further ado
I give you last weeks winning picture.
We told you there would be rewards, didn't we?!?!

And the winning entry is.....

from The Princess and The Pickle.
We love that she made something special with The Pickle's going home outfit.

So here is a badge for you:

 Feel free to grab it and tell everyone what a pretty.little.thing you are.

And next week, you are all back linking up here
and the theme is


Could be yours?
Could be your child's?
Can't wait to see them all.
And who will win the award next week????


  1. This is a really good choice, I love this little hat. Does he keep it on? Mads never keeps hers on! He looks very happy in his! x

  2. Thats a super cute hat! Gorgeous little boy x

  3. Loving this hat! I've tweeted your post as part of my blog-roaming. Now I'm off to your blog roll to find the third person on your list and go there......

  4. What a cute hat I love it! I also chose hats, I think last year was a good hat year haha x


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